Friday, August 10, 2012

Kids Games

Do you play this game in your childhood days? Or have you tried to play this game when you were young? Well, I have never tried to play this game when I was a kid for this is boy's game, and it was my two brothers who like to play this game. I remember my brothers were praying that they could get old rubber wheels from our uncle's motorcycle, so they could use it and play with it. Now this game has already forgotten. If you compare the games before and the game today, I could tell that the parents before never spent too much money just for a toy.

Today, even the less fortunate family, the parents would buy toys for their kids. It might not be an expensive one, but at least their kids have their own toys to play. My kids have playstation, remote control cars, cellphones, and more. These toys are not cheap. I wish I could pawn it when my wallet is empty, ha ha.

Anyway, the photo below was taken when the church we attended celebrated a family day. It was the organizer who got an idea to have games for kids. A game that their parents played when they were young. Anyhow, I could tell that the boys loved this game. You could see on their faces that they enjoyed the game. By the way, don't ask me the name of this game for I really don't know. Maybe you could name this as "wheel race".? ha ha