Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flowers For All Occasions

Receiving a gift from your family, friends, co-workers or love ones, is a wonderful feeling that is if you really like the gifts you received. They say, it’s better to give than to receive, so when you receive something you don’t like, and the gift is recyclable, then why not give it to the one who needs or like it.

Anyway, I have something to share with you. On the 15th of this month, my father will be celebrating his 74th birthday while my aunt’s and her husband will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. My brother’s wife in Toronto is expecting her baby to see the world in October. I am now trying to save my money for I wanted to surprise them a simple gift from quebec florist. I was there a while ago and so in love with their flower arrangement. Tanya, my sister-in-law loves any yellow and pink flowers, and I am glad that they have lots of beautiful yellow and pink flowers. Aside from flowers, they also have plants, bouquets, gourmet, or a combination of flowers and fruits in a basket. For my father, I don’t know yet what gift do I want to give for him, but for my aunt’s wedding anniversary, I could send them bouquet or flowers and fruits. I am glad that the site accepts Paypal payment, and there are no hidden payments for they already include the delivery fee to the price.