Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flooded in Manila due to continues heavy rains.

I was so busy cleaning our room this morning. I had no idea that the news on TV in all channels was all about the flood in Manila. My mother had told me to open my TV, so I could watch the news. I was totally shocked when I turned on the TV. It was a child on top of the roof and was rescued by the rescuers using a long rope to cross from roof to roof. I was terrified if they fall on the strong water running under them. There was no typhoon or storm but the rain poured so heavy since last night, and it caused a flood all over Manila.

I have contacted our relatives, family friends, and friends in Manila if they were okay. My uncle and cousin's house were all right, but they don't have electricity. My godchildren's place has a flood everywhere until to the ground floor of their house. Take note, their house is higher from the ground and then the water was already inside the house. I was living there for a decade, so I could imagine how deep the water is outside the house.

Anyway, while I am typing here now, lightning, thunders are striking, followed by heavy rains. I wish it won't rain so long. But who could stop the rain? The only thing we could do is to be alert all the time, especially for those who are living near the river banks.