Saturday, August 25, 2012

Busy Weekend

Since we have a long weekend this weekend, the neighbors were so busy with their lives. I could hear them cleaning their yards, trimming the grasses, cutting the small branches of the trees, and more. I could also hear the voices of the kids. They were yelling, laughing, and one of those kids is my son and niece. I let them play with the other kids outside because they don’t have school assignment, and besides, they don’t have school on Monday.

And early this evening, I have heard again our singing neighbor. Probably, he would stops singing at midnight. I know there are neighbors in our place got annoyed with this old man when he is singing because he never stopped singing even if it is already midnight.

There was a time that somebody threw a stone on the roof of the house, but unfortunately, the stone landed to the other house. The next day, there was a big fight between the owner of the house that was hit by the stone and the singing old man. Now, the singing old man learned his mistakes. He still sings but not until dawn where everybody is sleeping.