Saturday, July 7, 2012

Psychic Reading: Don't take it seriously

I have been receiving a newsletter from a psychic woman a long time ago who offers her services for free. If I am not mistaken it has been a decade now since she started sending readings of my future like for money matters, love, family and work. Honestly, I never get tired of reading psychic readings from her even if it is multiple pages. I enjoyed reading her statement or opinion on what will happen in the future. I am not saying that I believe her predictions for I know there is only one man who owns our lives and knows our future, and that is our creator in heaven. I just have fun reading on it during my free time. I also tried to read the daily horoscope, and it sometimes conformed to what happened during the day.

When I was in Manila, I and my friends had tried to sit in front of a crystal ball, and the woman who “reads” our future saw a thing inside the ball, but honestly, it was just a plane crystal ball. We actually paid a little amount, but I wouldn't mind paying her for I was just curious about her crystal ball and not my future. The readings from psychics are just for fun for me and I don’t take it seriously. As I have mentioned earlier, there is only one man who could tell your future, and that is our GOD. Work for your future and GOD will guide you in the right way.