Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make the Right Choices With These 3 Tools

Life is all about making the right choices. You’ve probably heard this cliché more often than you’d like to but tend to forget what it is about. From when you wake up in the morning to when you go to sleep at night, you choose what to do first, what to wear, what to eat, sometimes, what to say, et cetera, et cetera. Same is true when you start your own business. The choices you make can either make or break your success. So even the things you thought are simple enough to do have to be dealt with utmost care in order to define yourself in the marketplace. Connecting with the right people and choosing the right mechanisms to run your business are very important. So here are three tool suggestions which provide a no-nonsense approach in running your own business. It’s high time you get acquainted with them.


Social networking has proven its effectiveness in disseminating information to a large number of people. You’ll do yourself a favor if you accept without any doubt that the power of social media is not to be taken lightly. Now, wouldn’t it be more fun to apply the same principle when managing your own business? That is, with You can call a haven for small businesses and startups alike. It is a free intranet and a free CRM (customer relationship management) tool. The beauty of the system is that it doesn’t need to be installed, meaning you can access it readily as long as you have Internet, via your browser on your laptop, desktop, tablet and even your smartphone. With these attributes, you’re only a few clicks away in having your own management tool with its free activity planner, free messaging system, free sales funnel, free workforce management, free calendar and free real-time streaming – all these and more absolutely free for businesses with a maximum of 12 employees. And it’s only $99 per month for unlimited number of users.


A lot has been said about the ugly truth in booking a cheap flight. A lot of times, airline promos and discounts come with a catch. So if you’ve not done your homework on airfare deals, you might be paying more than you intend to, not to mention you spend a lot of time skimming through multiple sites to compare deals and promos. Because of the intense competition in the airline industry, a lot of airline companies reserve the best deals in their own websites.

Now imagine airfare deals from 728 airlines and hundreds of flight and ticketing sites within your reach with just one click – all made possible by This site collates the best airfare deals out there. assimilates ease-of-use with first-line information when it comes to airline promos. Now, you don’t need to go from three or four sites, or even more, to get that deal booked. has it cherry-picked for you, presented in its simple and minimalist website, no clutter, just the information you need to have that dream vacation.


Choosing the best name to represent your company can be the first step to get that break you’ve always wanted for your business. You do not want to get stuck with a paltry name that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Besides, you need to have a good name to start building a good reputation for your business as well.

This is where comes in. PickyDomains is a branding service, and it’s not the expensive kind like most branding services are. PickyDomains was started in 2007 and now has 50,000 registered pool of contributors situated in different parts of the world. Diverse cultures and environments – all these come into play when these people suggest names for your business. You just need to register as a client and make a $50 deposit for a domain or name and $75 for a slogan. Next, you have to select your naming criteria, and then wait for suggestions from the contributors. From there, you can select and reject without a catch. If you feel that none of the suggestions suit your needs, you walk away unscathed – you do not need to pay anything.