Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Janjan's Mango Float

Mango float, anyone? Do you know that my son made this mango float on his birthday last Sunday? He loves mango float so much. If the ripe mango is cheap, we surely make a mango float almost every day. And last Sunday, even if the mango still not cheap, I bought two kilos for I know he would ask me to make a float. But when I started peeling the mango, my son volunteered that he will make the float alone. I know he wants to make it by himself for he got mad at me whenever I made a float without his presence. So, last Sunday, on his birthday, he had a chance to make it on his own. He requested me to buy nips candies, so he could decorate it on top of the refrigerated cake. I never instructed him on what to do. I just let him do it all alone. When the float was ready to eat, it was like a terrain. It wasn't flat on top, but still he made it yummy. Congratulations Janjan for making your first mango float. It was so yummy indeed.