Thursday, July 12, 2012

Choosing the Correct Cutlery

It used to be that when you wished to invest in a good set of cutlery or even choose a knife for a specific purpose you would head out to the local cutlery and knife store where the knowledgeable owner would help you chose the right knife for your needs and budget. Investing in a carving set or knife was a big deal, the sort of purchase where you actively sought guidance and direction because the utensils were likely to be used for decades. Even today an investment in cutlery can be significant so you want to make sure to choose with care.

Since local cutlery stores have gone by the wayside the most practical alternative is to take to the internet and research cutlery and knife manufacturers. By looking at the websites of major brands such as JA Henckels and W├╝sthof® you can get a decent tutorial in the key things to consider when selecting good quality cutlery – materials, design and craftsmanship. While this information is put forth by the manufacturer and maybe somewhat biased it’s easy to seek a balanced point of view by reading reviews and ratings.

Take a look at the websites of the housewares stores where you would be most likely to buy cutlery and find the brands and even specify models of knives which are of interest to you. You will soon discover that people who have actually purchased the item often weigh in with reviews about what they like and don’t like – this is good information to have and not driven by advertising or a desire to sell more stuff. It’s a wonderful way to find out how people just like you feel about the item after they buy it and use it at home.