Monday, June 18, 2012

Get Well Soon Anak! myspace graphic comments

My little young man (Janjan) has been sick for three days now. It started last Friday. He actually went home early from school. I wasn't home when he got home, so I was surprised when I saw him sleeping in a couch. I suspected that something wrong with him because he will not be home early if he has no problem. Well, when I touched him, he was so hot. I gave him over-the-counter medicine, and the fever subsided a couple of minutes. The next day, he complained his throat. He said, it's hard for him to swallow the food. So, I asked him to open his mouth. There you go; his throat was swelling due to a tonsillitis. He had this tonsillitis in the past, so I knew what medicine should be taken again. And this morning, I didn't allow him to go to the school, even if he wanted to go for he was not eating solid food for two days now. He just drinks a milk that's all. It's hard for me as a mother if I could see him sick. I don't mind if he is sometimes "makulit" as long as he is healthy, so I wish he will be okay so soon.