Monday, June 11, 2012

Construction Supplies

Two houses in the neighborhood have been constructing a new house a couple of weeks ago. Everyday we could hear the noise of the construction like grilling, the coming of the delivery truck for the construction materials, and pounding of the materials with a hammer and a lot more. Before my brother has arrived from Canada, he already had a planned to put an extension to the side of our house and make it as his room.

Now, the constructor arrived yesterday, and he gave copies for the materials needed for the construction. Everything is available at the nearby hardware except for the fasteners and screws. I wish I could easily order it through online for I know there are lots of industrial online stores for construction materials. The constructor ordered security fasteners and security screws, and I couldn't find it at the hardware near to our place. I was planning to go at the downtown today or at the biggest hardware here and look for these items. I have confidence that I could find these materials at one of the biggest hardware here in our place. In addition, these materials are not so heavy, so there is no problem with me if I buy it right away.