Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Passion for Music

I got annoyed this morning again. The old man in the neighborhood started to sing very early in the morning. I know when he started singing, he would definitely end singing in the evening. I wish he wouldn't turn on the volume so loud, but he always put it on a higher volume that everyone would surely hear him singing. The old man is about 65 - 70 years old I guess, and singing while drinking is his passion. I really wonder why he never had a sore throat or a hoarse voice, even if he was singing the whole day. Does the native wine he drinks could help him to maintain his voice? He has a good voice actually, but his songs are not the songs that the young people would like to listen. Sometimes, he sings a song that I have never heard, but most of the time; he sings old songs. How about you guys, do you have a passion in singing? I do and I also have karaoke or videoke at home, but I seldom sing on it for I am busy with my blogging. I would rather like to blog than to sing everyday. However, during special days or occasions, I would surely like to have a karaoke party with my friends and relatives.