I Got My Firmoo Sunglasses

I got a noticed from Philpost a few days ago, but I couldn't claim it from the Philpost office for I was at the hospital. I knew that the package came from Firmoo sunglasses for it has been a couple of weeks now since I emailed them. Fortunately, our neighbor before who is a postman, visited his "kumpare" here in our place. My mother asked him if he could get my package at the Philpost for I couldn't pick it up right now. My mother told him that I was still at the hospital for my husband. Anyway, the next day, he came back with this package, and my mother signed the package in behalf of me. She just paid 40.00 pesos ($.90) for the said package. Everybody in the house was so excited to open the package. Now, I would like to thank Firmoo glasses for sending these beautiful, fashionable sunglasses to me. We all love it.



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