Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Got My Firmoo Sunglasses

I got a noticed from Philpost a few days ago, but I couldn't claim it from the Philpost office for I was at the hospital. I knew that the package came from Firmoo sunglasses for it has been a couple of weeks now since I emailed them. Fortunately, our neighbor before who is a postman, visited his "kumpare" here in our place. My mother asked him if he could get my package at the Philpost for I couldn't pick it up right now. My mother told him that I was still at the hospital for my husband. Anyway, the next day, he came back with this package, and my mother signed the package in behalf of me. She just paid 40.00 pesos ($.90) for the said package. Everybody in the house was so excited to open the package. Now, I would like to thank Firmoo glasses for sending these beautiful, fashionable sunglasses to me. We all love it.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green Choice Carpet Cleaner in NYC

In keeping with the idea of being an environmentally-sustainable home, employing the help of others would be a great idea especially if we have no time to do the things that we should do around the house. When my second child was still a baby, I had to hire somebody to take care of him. I could not supervise my business if I also take care of my little child. In addition, it is hard to do all things around the house alone that is why I had to employ two people at home, one for a nanny and one for cleaning the house.

In New York City area, healthy living is now made easier with the help of nyc green carpet cleaner because this company has been in a carpet cleaning business for over two decades now. To be honest, carpet cleaning is a truly hard job for me. We have dogs and they are free to roam around the house, and dog’s hair is seriously hard to remove from the carpet.

In addition, the smell would stick on it if there is no proper cleaning. That’s the reason why I employed somebody to clean the house. I wish I was near to NYC so I could hire them to clean the carpet. I have read all the testimonials of the customers, and true to their claim, the website is all you need to make your carpet dirt-free. They are all satisfied by the services of green choice carpet cleaner.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finding a Professional Roof Installer

For a couple of months, we have been looking for a place that we could reside for good. We have been to many real estate companies here in our place, and we visited every project that they offered to us. Fortunately, we found a place that I could say it’s a perfect place for us for it is not far from the city, and very accessible to all major establishments like banks, schools and more.

Every time we visited a site, the first thing that I have to look up to is the roof because for me, the roof is the most important parts of the house. It makes your home attractive if you have a nice roof. However, when installing a roof, you should hire a professional roof installer. That is why the husband asked me if I could find a skilled roof installer here in our place if ever we build a house from my vacant lot. I wish I could hire Roofer Calgary because I have seen their projects online, and I believe that the Roofing Calgary offers excellent services because the company has been in the business for more than 50 years.

Anyhow, the developer of the real estate assured us that they have their own skilled roof installer, but if we wanted to have our own installer, that would not be a problem.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flying Kite Exhibition

A few days ago, I bought a kite for Janjan. He saw us when the motorcycle arrived, and he knew that I was holding a kite, and with that, he had a big smile to us. He assembled right away the kite, and when he was done, he ran outside the house and did the first flight of the kite. There you go; the kite was flying so high. Anyway, next week, there will be a flying kite exhibition at People's Park. I didn't tell Janjan about this because I am sure he will not stop asking me to go at the park. So, for Dabawenyo's, you could check on the Rizal Park board for the details and schedule of this flying kite exhibition.


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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I just want to greet a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the world. myspace graphic comments

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Get Your Next Car at St. George, Utah

Thinking about buying either a new or used car? If you want a used car instead of a new one, do you have any ideas on buying a used car? Buying a used car could be a great investment. New cars lose much of their value during the first two years of ownership. I have learned this from my father. The value of the car after two years had a decrease of approximately 30% in value. If you buy this car used, you will save 30% you would have lost buying it new and you’ll still get a young vehicle with lots of miles left. The competition to sell used cars is fierce, so there are deals to be had. There are newer, high quality, low-mileage cars available than ever before because of the growing popularity of leasing. Finally, the low cost of a used car may be an opportunity to pay cash up front and avoid the extra costs and hassles of financing.

Anyhow, one of the best places to buy used and new cars is available at St George Car Dealerships. If you are living in Utah, you might want to drop at their store, but if you have not time yet to visit the place, you could start searching your dream car through the official website of the company. I was at the site a while ago, and I like the brand-new mini van style from KIA motors. We are not a big family, so this is really perfect for my family.

I have checked the Finance department of Kia Dealerships Utah on how they could help if you want to apply for a financing. Well, you just fill out the form provided so they can check your credit standing, but you don’t have to be worried for they are willing to help you get approved. So, if you are planning to buy a car, it’s time to get down and visit the store now. You may also call the sales office through their land line phone.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Where to Buy Used and New Hyundai Cars

An educated buyer can save more than an uneducated buyer on an average-priced new car. To be an educated buyer, you should not rely on everything to the car's agent. Buy the car according to your heart’s desire and not because you were convinced to buy it, and later, you have learned that it wasn't your dream car. It’s possible to buy a car on the World Wide Web, but it’s hard to negotiate a good price. For many people, dealerships remain the cheapest place to buy new or used car. However, the internet is still the best place to find out how much you should pay for a car.

Anyhow, have you heard St.George Car Dealerships? If not, then this company offers used or new cars like Hyundai cars. If you like this car, you could visit them in St. George, Utah. Aside from selling cars, the company’s financing department is efficient on helping their customers who have good or bad credit status to buy a used or new car in their company.

The hottest new cars are sometimes in short supply. If you want one of these models like the brand new 2012 Hyundai Accent, Veloster, or the new 2012 Hyundai Elantra, which has been awarded as the 2012 Best North American Car of the year, Hyundai Dealerships Utah has it all.

By the way, the key to getting a really great deal on a used car is flexibility. Remember, every used car is unique because of the way it was driven and maintained. Take your time to know more about the car’s life. Customer’s satisfaction is their top concern, so don’t be shy to ask the Utah Hyundai dealer every detail of the used car. If you get a chance, visit the site now and make a drive test on one of their Hyundai cars. They are also open for inquiries through phone calls.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

White Gumamela or White Hibiscus

Oops! I did it again. Yeah, you read it right. I took photos of this white gumamela from the neighborhood without asking the owner's permission. Honestly, I had a little nervous when I took photos because their dog saw me standing outside their yard. The dog's tail was standing, and the eyes were really mad at me. That is why, after taking three shots, I walked away from their fence, and I was actually waiting for somebody to come out from the house but there was none. Anyway, the dog stops barking when I was gone.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Watch the Supermoon Tonight

I read on the news at Yahoo yesterday that tonight, May 5, 2012 will have the biggest full moon of the year, and scientists called it as "supermoon". According to the news, the supermoon occurs when the moon hits its full phase at the same time it makes the closest approach to Earth for the month, a lunar milestone known as perigee, so the Scientists also refer to the event as a "perigee moon,". Anyway, if you couldn't get a chance to see the sky tonight, the supermoon will still appear full to skywatchers after the actual event. By the way, the photo below was taken in Sweden. Obviously, it was daytime and the moon was up in the sky.


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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Passion for Music

I got annoyed this morning again. The old man in the neighborhood started to sing very early in the morning. I know when he started singing, he would definitely end singing in the evening. I wish he wouldn't turn on the volume so loud, but he always put it on a higher volume that everyone would surely hear him singing. The old man is about 65 - 70 years old I guess, and singing while drinking is his passion. I really wonder why he never had a sore throat or a hoarse voice, even if he was singing the whole day. Does the native wine he drinks could help him to maintain his voice? He has a good voice actually, but his songs are not the songs that the young people would like to listen. Sometimes, he sings a song that I have never heard, but most of the time; he sings old songs. How about you guys, do you have a passion in singing? I do and I also have karaoke or videoke at home, but I seldom sing on it for I am busy with my blogging. I would rather like to blog than to sing everyday. However, during special days or occasions, I would surely like to have a karaoke party with my friends and relatives.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cotton Tree

This is a cotton tree. This tree has a straight tall trunk, and it produces a capsule like which, when mature, contains white fibers like cotton. Our old place had this tree at the back of our house. My mother used the cotton fiber for pillows. I was so quick to pick up on the ground if I saw this capsule like. There was only one tree at the back, so for one big pillow, it took for my mother a couple of months before it is completely full of cotton fibers.

The cotton produced by the cotton tree.

The capsule like when it is still young. When matured, the color is brown, and it will drop on the ground.

The big cotton tree.