Sunday, April 1, 2012

Too funny, I was fooled by my friends.

I didn't know that today is April Fool's Day. When I opened my Facebook this afternoon, I received a message from one of my friends, and she said, if I could lend her $20 today. I was surprised and couldn't believe it for I know she has no problem when it comes to money. Her husband is a good provider so why she was asking if I could lend her money. Another friend of mine, posted on her wall that she won a jackpot lotto but not too big but enough not to work for five years. I congratulated her actually. These two ladies made my day today. When I replied to the $20 and ask if this was true, she gave me a good laugh. When I posted a comment to jackpot lotto, somebody commented also and wrote "AFD". It was too late for me to know that AFD is stands for April Fool's Day. Tsk! tsk! What a day.