Sunday, April 29, 2012

Software To Monitor Your Employees

Yesterday hubby and I went to his favorite coffee shop at the mall when we noticed that the extension building on the mall just in front of the coffee shop is now open. The newly opened mall was so inviting because the first store you could see is the very well-known Starbucks Coffee. When hubby was done with his espresso coffee, we headed to the new mall. It has not been filled with tenants yet. There were still empty spaces around the mall.

While walking at the second floor, I saw the salesclerk of the electronic store was just playing online games on the laptop. He was not entertaining customers, and he didn't bother at all if there’s a customer coming inside the store. I wish I would know the owner of the store, so I could tell them to install Employee Monitoring Software for their employees.

This tool is an effective way of monitoring employees, especially if they are working in a distant. It could perform as the virtual eye of the company. No one could ever escape from the eyes of the big boss if you have this tool installed in every employee’s computers. You could even monitor what they have been doing on the computer by getting a screenshot of their works. I was lucky that this Employee Monitoring Software was not yet introduced when I was working at the office for there were times that I was playing card games on my computer, and no one could ever tell that I was just playing because my table was in front of the door and the computer was facing on me.

If I have a business now, I would surely like to have this Employee Monitoring Software installed in every employee’s computer to ensure that everybody is working properly. My Team Monitor is the one who could provide you this software. Installation is easy and could be done in a minute. Payment is per employee basis. So, what are you waiting for, sign up and start downloading the software now and let your employees be productive everyday.