Thursday, April 5, 2012

Share Your Thought at the Mom's Forum.

I have been a member of World of Filipinas forum and I was really active on that site when I was a new member. World of Filipinas is the place for women who are planning to marry a foreign national or married to a foreign national, mostly from USA. The site really helps for those who are seeking for help on how to apply a spousal visa, fiancée/ fiancé visa and even tourist visa for USA. I am so thankful on that site because I met many Filipinas who are now living abroad with their foreign husbands. Some of them thought me on how to make a blog. This is the best thing on joining a forum. You could learn so many things.

Now I have found a women's forum site for moms like me. I am not a member yet, and I am very interested to join this site for I know I would surely learn so many things specifically being a mom to my children and a wife to my husband. The discussions that I have read were all interesting and educational. My first born is already an adult, and the youngest is now a teenager. They are all boys, so probably; I could share something that could be interesting to the members.

This site is similar to World of Filipinas, aside from posting a thread; you could also send private messages to other members. You can create a photo album, reply to other member’s thread, comments on photos of other members, and a lot more. Everyone can join for free and you don’t have to be a computer expert when you join the site. You just have to create your unique username, password and a valid email address. So, if you are a mom or soon to be a mom; this site is exactly a perfect place to be connected with the other moms around the world. By the way, I love the thread entitled “Easier to raise boys or girls”? So, what is your opinion then about this thread? To reply on this thread, you have to register it first for you to be able to share your thoughts about this question.