Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun Things to Do With Your Kids on Summer Break

If you enjoy spending time with children and coming up with fun activities, you might wish to explore your future with an Early Childhood Education Degree. When the weather cooperates, summer is an excellent time for being active outside. Children love heading to the beach or a local park for a day of play. Picking a picnic lunch or bringing along hot dogs and marshmellows to roast makes things even more fun. Camping and hiking are also fun family activites that are affordable and encourage physical activity. If you are unable to head to the beach or camping, setting up a kiddie pool and sprinkler or a tent in the yard are fun ways to bring the beach and the campground home.

We also really like heading to the library in the summer. This is a good option for a rainy day, or when it is so hot you can't bear being away from the air conditioning. If the library is nearby and it is nicer out, this also makes a good bike ride destination. Many libraries have fun summer programs; our local library brings in magicians and reptiles! The library also offers a summer reading club with prizes, which encourages kids to continue reading throughout the summer.

If your child is older, there are also many fun options for pre-teens and teens during the summer. Summer vacation is a great time to stay active and try new things, so try signing your child up for a sports class. Tennis, swimming, and softball are summer favorites. Many teens and pre-teens enjoy their independence during the summer months, so try to offer your child an opportunity to be creative. Thrift stores often have summer sidewalk sales. Your teen may enjoy searching for vintage cloths or cheap ways to decorate their bedroom. There are many easy patterns online for transforming t-shirts into something new using only scissors, a needle, and thread. There are also a lot of creative ideas for room decor.  Your teenager or pre-teen may enjoy "making over" their room for cheap.

When all else fails, heading out for the day can be a great way to bust the boredom. Head to a local waterpark or pool for the day; many local leisure centers offer fun activity days for kids in the pool. Local parks and rec centers usually have affordable day camp programs, which can help to break up the long summer days. Trips to local museums are yet another hit.

If you're a parent who is able to come up with fun yet educational ways to keep your kids busy over the summer break, you might have just what it takes to become a teacher. Check out http://www.californiateachingcredential.org/ for more information.