Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What to Do if You Are Injured By An Uninsured Motorist

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The law says that every motorist on the road is supposed to have no less than an adequate level of liability insurance. People don't always follow the law, and there is a good chance that the kind of person who doesn't have insurance is also the type most likely to cause an accident. However, there are more ways to handle this.

Hopefully Your Insurance is Good

While a Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney might be able to get you a settlement eventually, in the meantime your insurance is must cover anything of yours that was damaged. This includes covering your medical bills. Uninsured motorists tend not to have large amounts of cash to sue for, so ultimately you may end up paying the entirety of these bills.

If all else fails, if your insurance is good enough to pay for your damages and medical expenses, you should be able to stave off serious financial hardship. Sometimes stopping the proverbial bleeding is the best thing you can do when the situation gets worse.

Get Their Information Anyway

Regardless of how the eventual proceedings happen, you would still be wise enough to get the uninsured driver's vital information, and so as their car’s. If nothing else, you need to file a police report. This may result in criminal charges, for most likely, he is statistically one of the people to be driving without a license or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Getting the uninsured driver's information immediately and following up can be crucial not only in a civil trial, but also in attaching criminal penalties to the person. Even if you're unable to get any kind of settlement out of the person, letting go of them is like tolerating their misbehavior. Whether out of a sense of revenge or as a good citizen, don't allow a dangerous driver to stay on the road if you can help it. They will continuously harm other people on the road.

Seek Ample Medical Attention

Seeking medical attention may or may not have anything to do with getting a settlement, but it has everything to do with your health. If you get into an accident that has caused you serious medical condition, make sure you get all of the treatment that you need. Ignoring treatment may save your money in a while, but the long-term effects could be your lifetime nightmare.