Thursday, March 1, 2012

Great Backyard Design on a Budget

A beautiful backyard design can make you feel as though you are on vacation the moment you step out your back door. Hiring a landscape designer can run into many thousands of dollars. With a plan and a little hard work, you can create the backyard oasis that reflects your personality and aesthetics.

Basic Plan

Before making any purchases, start your backyard design with a plan. This will be your number one saving element. Evaluate the current landscape design that is in place. If walkways, trees, larger bushes and lawn are fine in their current locations, your work is at least cut in half. If not, decide which elements can remain and which ones must be removed. Use a piece of graph paper to draw out the backyard design, along with the elements you will keep and the ones you will change or add. Remember, the simpler the basic plan, the easier it will be to put into place.

If there is little backyard landscaping, start your plan with a focal point close to the center of your yard. This will help you to create a symmetrical design, by balancing larger trees and bushes equally on each side of the focal point.

Choosing Plants

If you are not well informed about outdoor plants, it’s best to stay with ones that are easily maintained. Your local nursery can direct you towards plants that grow well in your location and are easy to take care of. You want a balance throughout your backyard of plants that are annuals (die out each year) and perennials (evergreens or come back each year). Annuals generally have brighter color than perennials, but you will have to replant them every year.

When choosing perennial plants for your back yard, always consider how large, height as well as circumference, the mature plant will be. You need to plant your new perennials with these facts in mind, so that they will not disturb power lines or diminish the growth of surrounding plants. Also, be aware of the plant’s light needs, such as full sun or partial shade, before deciding on the particular one for a certain backyard space. Spend more for the chosen perennial plants and less for the annuals that will be replaced each year.

For a real savings on plants, take a look at your neighbor’s yards. If there is one that catches your eye, ask for a cutting. Most plant cuttings will grow roots when stuck in a glass of water. Pay special attention to where the neighbor’s plant is located, so you will know if it does best with shade or sun.

Pathways and Garden Spaces

Pathways don’t have to be made out of expensive materials that are difficult to execute. Flagstone and pavers are attractive, but can take time and skill to create a proper pathway. Consider digging out a pathway and then filling the space with inexpensive wood chips. To keep weeds down, for the future, line the pathway with garden plastic before pouring in the chips. Garden spaces where you can sit and socialize, or just enjoy the scenery, are a must in a great backyard. You don’t need to go out and purchase expensive lawn furniture. Start by looking around your home for unused wood or metal benches and tables. These can easily be painted or refinished for the backyard. Search yard sales for these types of furnishings, as well. Don’t be afraid to paint them in bright colors you love to add your personality to the site.

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