Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Durian for Dinner

Last night, my eldest son brought two pieces of durian. As he entered from the gate, Janjan smelled the durian, but he was not expecting that it was his big brother who brought durian. Since, the big brother knew that Janjan is a great durian eater, he passed at the back door of the house and not to our living room where Janjan was watching TV. I was at the kitchen at that time, so I was surprised when I saw the durian, and I was about to call Janjan but the big brother gave me a sign with his finger to be quiet, and we laughed silently.

We waited if Janjan could find the smell. Alas! the great durian eater was about to enter the kitchen because he said, he smelled durian in the kitchen. What a sense of smell! The big brother hurriedly hid the durian under the table, and since I can't hold my laughter, I turned around and pretended that I was washing the dishes. Janjan said, the smell makes stronger and stronger, so he looked around the kitchen. When he saw the durian under the table, he was laughing out loud. Well, even if we were not yet eating with our dinner, we ate first the durian because the little young man couldn't wait for more.


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