Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bosch. Saving the world one appliance at a time.

With the economy in a mess right now and prices for everything from petrol to bars of chocolate on the rise, it’s important more than ever to be mindful of how we use our time and our money. Bosch is trying to help out a little by creating effective, efficient home appliances. I think people would like Bosch dishwashers and Bosch washing machines because they do save a little of everything you need.


Bosch has made their dishwasher range environmentally friendly in many ways. For a start, some models have an A++ energy rating. This means that they potentially use up to 29% less energy than a similar model 15 years ago. It might not sound like a lot, but built up over the years and it can make quite a difference.
Some models also use much less water compared to hand washing. On average, you use around 49 litres of watch cleaning up at the sink. Thanks to Bosch, this can be reduced down to a staggering 6.5 litres! Also, keep in mind that you won’t be doing any cleaning yourself, just press a button and you’re free to get on with more important things.

Washing Machines

Unique Eco cycles mean that you can clean clothes up to 60% faster, but using 30% less energy. Again, in the long run I think that’s really going to pay off for you. Plus, like the dishwashers, the use of water is carefully managed so you don’t use too much or not enough. Plus anti vibration walls in certain machines make them very quiet. Definitely a boon if you have small children and it’s nap time!
I’m glad to see Bosch have taken the environment issue to heart, so going green doesn’t have to mean you need to make compromises when it comes to the home.