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A Quick Guide to Discount Shopping

The world is full of free stuff. Finding free or almost free products begins with knowing where to look and being persistent about asking for them. Have you heard CouponCodes4u? This website is one of the top 10 coupon discounts in the USA. So, If you are looking for extra savings, or if you are looking to get the best buy without compromising fashion or style, CouponCodes4u will help you get discounted products and services by giving you coupon codes or promotional codes that could be used when you shop online. You can find designer, brand-name items marked to 50% below retail price.

Many catalog companies publish clearance catalogs as well as their regular catalogs. If you are on their mailing list, you can order the items you want as they go on sale. But why wait this company’s clearance catalogs if you could grab a printable coupon from a website that offers coupon codes for free. Take a look at the CouponCodes4u, you could find great deals everyday, and one of the hot printable …

Simple Remedy for Sore Throat

My son had a sore throat a few days ago. He complained that it was hard for him to swallow the food, but I guess it wasn't too bad because he was still okay and had no fever. I told him to gargle warm water with salt in it, and I guess it really works because he is not complaining with his throat now. Well, I have learned this simple remedy at home from my mother. When we were still kids and had a sore throat, our mother had just told us to gargle one glass of warm water and put one tablespoon of salt in it. It helps to decrease the swelling throat and reduce the pain as well.

Horse Bicycle Design.

This is not my bicycle. It was sent from my mail box a few days ago, and I smiled when I saw it for I found this bicycle so cute. I love the color and the horse design. I wish I could find like this here in our place. I saved it for this is perfect for Blue Monday meme which is hosted by Smiling Sally. It has been a couple of weeks now since the last Monday I joined this meme. So, Sally, this is my entry for today.

Bosch. Saving the world one appliance at a time.

With the economy in a mess right now and prices for everything from petrol to bars of chocolate on the rise, it’s important more than ever to be mindful of how we use our time and our money. Bosch is trying to help out a little by creating effective, efficient home appliances. I think people would like Bosch dishwashers and Bosch washing machines because they do save a little of everything you need.


Bosch has made their dishwasher range environmentally friendly in many ways. For a start, some models have an A++ energy rating. This means that they potentially use up to 29% less energy than a similar model 15 years ago. It might not sound like a lot, but built up over the years and it can make quite a difference.
Some models also use much less water compared to hand washing. On average, you use around 49 litres of watch cleaning up at the sink. Thanks to Bosch, this can be reduced down to a staggering 6.5 litres! Also, keep in mind that you won’t be doing any cleaning yours…

Zip Line at Forest Hill Resort

Have you tried gliding on a zip line? Isn't it so scary when you are up to few meters on the ground with a safety rope wrap around your body, and moving slowly like you were flying? The photos below were taken at Forest Hill Resort here in our place. The last time we were there, this zip line has not been yet built. It wasn't too far anyway, but I haven't tried it yet. I wanted to go back there, but I will take along my youngest son. He had been telling me that he wanted to try the zip line riding or flying. We will see whether he will not be scared with the height.

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What to Do if You Are Injured By An Uninsured Motorist

The law says that every motorist on the road is supposed to have no less than an adequate level of liability insurance. People don't always follow the law, and there is a good chance that the kind of person who doesn't have insurance is also the type most likely to cause an accident. However, there are more ways to handle this.

Hopefully Your Insurance is Good

While a Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney might be able to get you a settlement eventually, in the meantime your insurance is must cover anything of yours that was damaged. This includes covering your medical bills. Uninsured motorists tend not to have large amounts of cash to sue for, so ultimately you may end up paying the entirety of these bills.

If all else fails, if your insurance is good enough to pay for your damages and medical expenses, you should be able to stave off serious financial hardship. Sometimes stopping the proverbial bleeding is the best thing you can do when the situation gets worse.

Get Their Info…

Know When to Ask for Legal Assistance

Getting injured is no laughing matter. Injuries result in medical bills, lost wages, physical pain and emotional stress. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, or as a result of a slip and fall, you have to decide if you need seek legal counsel.

When to Hire an Attorney

There are certain situations when you should seriously consider hiring a personal injury attorney New York, lawyers are available to help you in your decision. If your injuries are serious, requiring medical care or a hospital stay and will have long-lasting effects, you should seek assistance.

If you were in an auto accident and the other driver didn’t have insurance or didn’t have enough coverage, you should contact an attorney. Even if the other driver had adequate insurance, companies will work to settle for as little as possible. The faster insurance companies can get you to settle, the less you will be paid.

When an offer is made and you don’t feel like it will cover your current expenses and lost wages, y…

Gumamela or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn

These are the flowers in our yard, pretty, aren't they? My little niece was calling me when she saw these two gumamela in the yard. She knows that I take pictures of all the things here in our place. While calling at me, she told me to bring the camera because the white gumamela is now full bloom. I didn't know that we have white gumamela, but my niece said, her Papa planted another gumamela and this time its white. When I got out, yes indeed, there was a beautiful white gumamela beside the yellow gumamela. Now, we have three colors of gumamela in our yard, the white, yellow and pink.

Saturday getaway.

This was taken only yesterday. We went to the beach near in our place. Hubby and Janjan went on swimming but not me because the sun was scorching hot, and I couldn't endure the heat of the sun. However, for my son and hubby, it was the glorious day. They both enjoyed the sun and the warm water of the sea.

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Durian for Dinner

Last night, my eldest son brought two pieces of durian. As he entered from the gate, Janjan smelled the durian, but he was not expecting that it was his big brother who brought durian. Since, the big brother knew that Janjan is a great durian eater, he passed at the back door of the house and not to our living room where Janjan was watching TV. I was at the kitchen at that time, so I was surprised when I saw the durian, and I was about to call Janjan but the big brother gave me a sign with his finger to be quiet, and we laughed silently.

We waited if Janjan could find the smell. Alas! the great durian eater was about to enter the kitchen because he said, he smelled durian in the kitchen. What a sense of smell! The big brother hurriedly hid the durian under the table, and since I can't hold my laughter, I turned around and pretended that I was washing the dishes. Janjan said, the smell makes stronger and stronger, so he looked around the kitchen. When he saw the durian under the t…

Creative Mind

When I opened my email this morning, I noticed a sender's name that I don't recognize, but I still opened it for I was too curious what's the mail all about. And when I opened it, I was surprised because it was all funny pictures. There was no message on it. Anyway, the sender made my morning light, he/she made me laugh and smile, so thanks to this anonymous sender.

By the way, the one who assembled these coins to form a jar, glass, whatever, he/she has a very creative mind. The husband said, there must be a glue on every coin, otherwise it will collapse if it was just putting it jointly without any support that holds the coins with each other. What do you think guys? Are these coins glued so it won't fall?

Great Backyard Design on a Budget

A beautiful backyard design can make you feel as though you are on vacation the moment you step out your back door. Hiring a landscape designer can run into many thousands of dollars. With a plan and a little hard work, you can create the backyard oasis that reflects your personality and aesthetics.

Basic Plan

Before making any purchases, start your backyard design with a plan. This will be your number one saving element. Evaluate the current landscape design that is in place. If walkways, trees, larger bushes and lawn are fine in their current locations, your work is at least cut in half. If not, decide which elements can remain and which ones must be removed. Use a piece of graph paper to draw out the backyard design, along with the elements you will keep and the ones you will change or add. Remember, the simpler the basic plan, the easier it will be to put into place.

If there is little backyard landscaping, start your plan with a focal point close to the center of your yard. This…