Monday, February 6, 2012

Learn About Breast Cancer

I was reading an article about breast cancer and his story about the woman who died on breast cancer was so touching. I could feel his sadness or disappointed feeling that his best friend’s mother died untimely. She was like a second mother to him. The godmother of my youngest son was also died from a breast cancer. She learned her illness a year before she died. She at no time knew that she had this monster illness because she never tried to visit a doctor, even if she was already suffering an unusual pain.

The article that I have read earlier and the godmother of my son had the same story. They both died from a breast cancer, but they had a different version on how they died. The woman in the article died 25 years ago, and at that time, breast cancer awareness didn't exist while my friend died a couple of years ago, but she didn't care about breast cancer. For women, it is advisable to learn about breast cancer. We should not ignore this thing because this is good for our health and for ourselves. If you love your family, be aware of the breast cancer. You can buy a book for this, or go to your nearest clinic and ask for breast cancer awareness handout, and this is free I guess. So, act now before it’s too late.