Wednesday, January 11, 2012

While in Manila

At the back of 7/11 is the hotel where we stayed.

We were in Manila a couple of days ago. On the first day, we woke up so early, and we went out of the hotel. There was a 7/11 nearby so we headed inside and since there were tables inside for snacks, we ordered cappuccino coffee for us and sat there for a while. I also bought shampoos, conditioner, toothpaste and drinking water. When we were done, we went back to the hotel, and I took a shower. The BF doesn’t like to move when I was done at the bathroom. He was still sleepy, but we have an appointment at 9:00 o’ clock in the morning at the Consulate General of Sweden in Makati, so he had no choice but to get up again.

We arrived on time at the Consulate, and since we were early, we got slot number 1. When the Consulate officer called our number, the BF submitted all our papers to them. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the papers on that day because there was a mistake on my birthplace. The mistake was made by the Swedish Tax Agency in Sweden. They were the one who made our marriage certificate, but they put my birthplace as Davao City and not Manila.

I was born in Manila and not in Davao, but I am currently living here in Davao. This was my statement at the Consul, but they asked us to request another marriage certificate in Sweden. Well, to make the story short, the Swedish government sent another copy of our marriage certificate to the Consulate General in Manila. Anyway, we are now waiting for the Consulate’s papers, and the good thing is, we don’t need to go back in Manila. The Consulate General will send these papers here in Davao as soon as it is completely done and with no error.

At night in Manila, what do you expect, of course “party, party”. The bad thing was, the battery of the laptop was not working anymore when we were in Manila, and we didn’t bring any cable wires for the laptop. That is why all my blogs were not updated.