Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am Back

I have been away from my computer for more than a week now since I got back here in Davao. I have so many things to do offline and I don’t have had time to open the computer even just for a while. My Yahoo mail was loaded with emails, including the spam mails. I was surprised it reached to 200+ emails for not opening it for eight days. I am not yet finished cleaning my emails, and I am trying to do updates at my other blogs as well. I hope I can do it all today.

Anyway, I got back here in Davao on December 25, but we went back to Manila on January 02, and we only got back here in Davao again last night. Now, I am still tired from the travel that we had for a week. I will blog all these things one of these days. So, I got to go now because I have to clean all the messy things first that I have here inside my room. See you later.