Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do Voluntary Work Close to Your Home

You’ve decided to start doing some volunteer work. This may be because you’ve recently found yourself with a few extra hours during the week, or you’ve shifted your job focus and wish to volunteer that extra time. Volunteering within your community is not only good for you, but also is good for your community. In addition, volunteer work listed on your resume is an added benefit.

Additionally, you will find yourself meeting new people and gaining new skills through this volunteer work. You will also reap the reward of giving back — many organizations could not function or provide services without the help of donors and volunteers. So, how do you find voluntary work close to your home?

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Schools are always in need of volunteers. This type of work is great for those people who enjoy children or are looking at beginning a career in teaching. You can simply contact your local school and check into volunteer opportunities. You will need to have a clean background check to work at most school venues.


Libraries often seek volunteers. You may be asked to read to children, shelve books or even work with library patrons. You will be gaining clerical and people skills when volunteering at libraries.

Community Organizations

There are many opportunities to volunteer at organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or the YWCA. In addition, you can become a housing advocate to help find housing such as Austin apartments or Chicago homes, depending on your location.


Ask friends and families for any opportunities that they may be familiar. You might find that your neighbor knows that the local softball team needs coaches or trainers. Your parents may know that the local senior center is in need of aides. You will be surprised at the number of people who know of volunteer positions in your community.

Other Resources

Use other resources such as the Internet and publications in your search for volunteer positions. You will find a wealth of opportunities on sites such as The Points of Light Foundation or Volunteer Match. These sites list organizations seeking volunteers by state or zip code.

You can also check with local government outlets for more opportunities. You can find city, county or state positions. Simply check the government websites for more information.

Whether you want to work at a local food bank, the local animal shelter, helping others find housing or any number of other types of assistance, you will easily find an opportunity within your community.