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Blue Coffee Mug

How was your weekend everyone, hope it was great. Our weekend was not too bad. We just stayed at home, and we watched old movies. Janjan prepared the shrimp crackers instead of popcorn.

Anyhow, today is Monday, and I am glad that the sun shines this morning. I hope it would be like this the whole day today because I still have wet clothes to hang outdoor. The photo below is my entry for Blog Photo Challenge and Blue Monday memes.

At the Beach

I saw this cloud formation when we were at the sea side one early afternoon. The sun was so bright on that day, so we had a good walk on the beach as well. I like walking on the beach, especially if the sea breeze touches to my face, and the sea water touches my feet. Well, I usually did it early in the morning because the sun is not yet burning. Janjan is always with me when we go to the beach, but Janjan will go on swimming but not me.

I am linking this to Blog Photo Challenge hosted by Dhemz. Thanks Dhemz for hosting this meme everyday.

Pink Friday - Flowers

It's pink Friday today, so here are the flowers at the neighborhood.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Free Shipping Affordable Eyeglasses

I have been planning to buy another pair of my reading eye glasses for I am tired of wearing my old eyeglasses. I want something new but due to my hectic schedule, I wasn’t be able to shop for my eyeglasses either online or going to the optical clinic nearby. Just recently, while I was surfing here on the net, I have found an online store for all types of glasses either eyeglasses or sunglasses. The price starts at $29, and the rest depends on the brand or style you choose from. I actually search for the frame style and I found many designs that are really in fashion, but they also have classic, modern, retro or a trendy style.

I understand that sometimes, when you purchase something you could wear, there are times that the photo is not actually you like when you handed the product, or you were not satisfied with it. The good thing is, at, you could try your eyeglasses before purchasing it using their virtual try-on. You just have to upload your close-up photo, choos…

Ferry Boat

On our trips back and forth by land, here's the ferry boat that transported us from island to island. It was just an hour from Surigao City to San Marcelino, I guess.

I am linking this Blog Photo Challenge.

Strawberry Cold Drink

After the long walk from the heat of the sun, this strawberry cold drink from Jollibee is the best solution for thirsty throat.

Anyway, I am not yet finished with the laundry, and because of my very slow internet connection, I can do my laundry while blogging at the same time.

Do Voluntary Work Close to Your Home

You’ve decided to start doing some volunteer work. This may be because you’ve recently found yourself with a few extra hours during the week, or you’ve shifted your job focus and wish to volunteer that extra time. Volunteering within your community is not only good for you, but also is good for your community. In addition, volunteer work listed on your resume is an added benefit.

Additionally, you will find yourself meeting new people and gaining new skills through this volunteer work. You will also reap the reward of giving back — many organizations could not function or provide services without the help of donors and volunteers. So, how do you find voluntary work close to your home?

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Schools are always in need of volunteers. This type of work is great for those people who enjoy children or are looking at beginning a career in teaching. You can simply contact your local school and check into volunteer opportunities. You will need to have a clean backgroun…

The Island

This is one of the photos that I took when we traveled from Davao to Manila, and vice versa by land. That was our great experience traveling by land. The BF said, he wants to travel again by land going to Manila, but this time; he will bring his food in the bus because he doesn't like the food at the bus stop. If I could remember, there was only one restaurant that has roasted chicken, so I bought the whole, and we ate it inside the bus.

Anyway, I am linking this to Blog Photo Challenge hosted by my dearest friend named Dhemz. If you want to join, just click the link that I have provided.

Walgreens Prescription Savings club is open for membership.

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Managed Web Hosting

When you build an online business, obviously you will need to buy a presentable template that matches to your business. The next thing you would do is to look for a place that could host your online business. Looking for a company to host your online business is not as simple as you may think because there are lots of web hosting companies in the World Wide Web that will promise you that they could provide hosting services, including technical problems.

Before you purchase such services, be sure that the company is reachable when a problem occurs. I am telling you this because I also have self-hosted blogs. So far, I haven’t met any problems with them because their engineers are always ready to help you 24/7 a week. They’re hosting my blogs for over a year now. So, if you are looking for a web hosting site, be sure you would hire a hybrid hosting to ensure that the prospective buyers, clients and visitors of your site would not leave your page.

I have learned that Caronet Enginee…

Busy Life in Manila

How was your weekend everyone? Ours was just a boring day because the heaven kept on pouring rains, although it wasn't so heavy, but it made me feel so tired to move my butt. My son and niece were just playing PSP games, and when they got tired playing, my son played his game online. We're supposed to go to the mall and buy new-school shoes for him, but I am not in the mood to go out. I told him to do it next weekend.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago, we were in Manila, and these were the busy streets in Makati. The blue building is one of the tallest buildings along Chino Roces Avenure, Makati.

Pink Butterfly

Here's another butterfly that was made of fabric. If you are my frequent visitor, you saw the yellow butterfly that was also made of fabric. This time, it is pink. I wonder if there is really a pink butterfly.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Light your home with a style.

Yesterday, we went to the home depot here in our place. I was actually looking for a window blinds, but unfortunately, there were no available sizes that fit to one of the windows in our home. I roamed around the place; I checked every price of the products that they have until I found beautiful lightings. I remember that it has been a long time now that we have no lights in the porch fronting to the gate. So, I was thinking to buy one, but I had a second thought about the prices. I am not rich, so as much as possible; I want to buy the cheapest one but have a good quality.

When we got home, I searched on the net the prices for outdoor lighting fixtures, and I found it from They have outdoor wall sconces, and this is really what I was looking for. I have been looking for this style at the mall or at the home depot here, but I couldn't find a style that is perfect for our porch. The bad thing is I don’t have a credit card to purchase the product. They don’t accept …

While in Manila

We were in Manila a couple of days ago. On the first day, we woke up so early, and we went out of the hotel. There was a 7/11 nearby so we headed inside and since there were tables inside for snacks, we ordered cappuccino coffee for us and sat there for a while. I also bought shampoos, conditioner, toothpaste and drinking water. When we were done, we went back to the hotel, and I took a shower. The BF doesn’t like to move when I was done at the bathroom. He was still sleepy, but we have an appointment at 9:00 o’ clock in the morning at the Consulate General of Sweden in Makati, so he had no choice but to get up again.

We arrived on time at the Consulate, and since we were early, we got slot number 1. When the Consulate officer called our number, the BF submitted all our papers to them. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the papers on that day because there was a mistake on my birthplace. The mistake was made by the Swedish Tax Agency in Sweden. They were the one who made our…

Wireless Door Chime for your Home

I have been planning to buy a doorbellfor our house because our main door is not close to the gate and whenever there is someone wants to call our attention, they just knock on the metal gate which is very annoying to me because our dog got mad, and she will bark until somebody opens the gate for the visitor. But the problem is I always forgot to look for it at the home depot here in our place.

A while ago, while I was surfing here on the World Wide Web, I have found an online store for doorbells like wireless door bell. I navigated the whole page, and I have learned that this online store has been in the business since 1999. If you could check the site, they have plenty of great doorbell's design. I actually like the wireless doorbell style because according to the site, this is easy to use. You don't need to hire an electrician just to install this thing. At you can definitely find what you are looking for a door bell. They have a wide selection wh…

I am Back

I have been away from my computer for more than a week now since I got back here in Davao. I have so many things to do offline and I don’t have had time to open the computer even just for a while. My Yahoo mail was loaded with emails, including the spam mails. I was surprised it reached to 200+ emails for not opening it for eight days. I am not yet finished cleaning my emails, and I am trying to do updates at my other blogs as well. I hope I can do it all today.

Anyway, I got back here in Davao on December 25, but we went back to Manila on January 02, and we only got back here in Davao again last night. Now, I am still tired from the travel that we had for a week. I will blog all these things one of these days. So, I got to go now because I have to clean all the messy things first that I have here inside my room. See you later.

Computer Area

This is the computer area of the library here in our place. If you couldn't find the book on the shelves, just search it on the database of the library if it is still available or not.