Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway From Gagay

I want to try my luck again.

One of my friends here in the Blogosphere will be celebrating her birthday this month and she’s also thankful that Google increased her PR, which is why Gagay, the author of I am but…Gagay is giving away a Gagay’s Page Rank and Birthday Thanksgiving.

And here are the prizes for the lucky winners.

10 Page Rank Shirts

A total of $360 PayPal cash
1 winner – $100
2 winners – $50 each
4 winners – $25 each
4 winners – $15 each
5 1-year Domain Hosting

Visit I am…but Gagay for the mechanics of this giveaway. This giveaway runs until December 15, 2011. So, hurry, try your luck now. Who knows you will be the lucky winner of this giveaway.

Good Luck everyone.

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