Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wonderful World of Business

As I was about to write this note, I received an offline message from a friend on my Facebook account saying that she had ventured into a candle making last Christmas, and she wanted to do it again, but she wanted me to join her business. It was her co-employee who inspired her to go into business because it is so difficult to be an employee with a small salary. Since Christmas holiday is coming, I guess this is the right time for her to earn extra cash while keeping her full-time job. I understand that she is really interested to run a business, but she doesn’t like to leave her current job because she knows about people who run small business and make money with it without giving up the security of a full-time job.

Perhaps running a part-time venture will give you the time you need to learn the business and the confidence to take on bigger risks once you have proven to yourself that, yes, you can do it. There are several questions you should ask yourself like Will it work?, Do you own the idea? Is it practical? Or Is there a need for it? Once you have answered all these questions, you’re one step closer to starting your dream business. Anyhow, you could learn these things in so many ways like talking with your friends and colleague or hire a company that accepts small business help.

We all know that building a new business either big or small business is risky if you are not really knowledgeable on running a business. If possible, look for small business resources, like attending business training and seminar for small and big businesses. Reading business articles and tips is also helpful. You could get useful information from it like building a new business, or buying and selling businesses. All these things could be learned. You just have to be patient about learning so many things before you could start up your business. You have to give an extra effort to learn more about running a business. I have known a few people who are now successful businesswomen. Many of them were employees before they could start their own business. I wish I could be like them.