Friday, October 7, 2011

What's the Latest Updates?

I am glad that today is Friday for I could stay up late tonight. I have been away from Facebook for a couple of nights, and I miss all my friends there. I also missed visiting my friend’s blogs. I know there are couples of articles that I have missed from them like the articles from rumstreet. Well, tonight, after dinner, I will start visiting my friend’s blogs, so I would know what the latest update in their blog is. But I would surely visit my Facebook friends as well. I know I am behind now with the latest news up there, and probably there are giveaways and contest that I also missed.

Anyway, I have lots of time tonight, so I have a chance to visit them, if not all, but at least, most of them. I just have to pray that the internet connection is good and not crawling like crazy. I really got annoyed when the connection is really slow because it cannot upload the whole page of the blogs that I have visited, especially if the site has lots of photos. My computer got stuck and hung heavily. That is also the reason why I couldn’t comment some of my friend’s blog if the connection is really slow. So, I hope tonight, I will still have a good connection.