Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Finally Found Fashionable Cheap Eyeglasses.

I have been wearing my eyeglasses a couple of years ago. In the family, I was the one who wore eyeglasses too early for my age. I guess over exposure in front of the computer faded my vision. I had a bad experience when I first visited the optometrist. The line was unbearable, but that was the nearest optical in our place, so I had to wait for my turn and endured the waiting time. There was only one optometrist at that time, so that’s also the cause of waiting for almost an hour. I almost surrender at that time, but I had to wait for I can’t work on my computer anymore, and I always had headaches. Nevertheless, I had my first prescription glasses after a week.

new arrival for $6.95

These past few days, I have been planning to buy another pair of eyeglasses because I got annoyed with the weight of my eyeglasses. I probably got a wrong style of the frame. I couldn't wear it the whole day otherwise the upper line of my nose on both sides got a dark mark from the leg of the eyeglasses. So, I was planning to look for a lighter one or a rimless style. The good thing, I came across an eyeglasses online store where the prices for frames and lenses wouldn't hurt your budget. Yes, you read it right.

Virtual Mirror
This online store sells cheap eyeglasses and yet fashionably suitable for men and women regardless of your age. I actually never had to try shopping eyeglasses online because I wanted to try it first if it is pleasing to my eye. However, this online store provides a virtual mirror so you would try and fit it before you buy. It is so easy to try. Just upload your photo and look for a frame that is fitted to the shape of your face. I tried thrice actually and I finally found what I want. For just $6.95, you could have these brand-new eyeglasses of your choice. At, your time wouldn't be wasted. No more waiting time, and the site is easy to navigate. Anyway, I am glad that aside from the major credit cards, they also accept payment via PayPal. Shipping has a flat rate of $5.95 regardless of the number of pairs you ordered. So, if you get a chance, I recommend trying the virtual mirror. I am sure you will like it.