Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am Back

I was so busy for the past few days.

First, I had to help my ex-family with their problems at court. We worked this for a week. Well, the case was not yet finished, and we hope that we will win the case.

Second, I was busy preparing and gathering all the papers that I need for my aunt's claims for their insurance that has been matured for over two years now, but didn't receive any claims.

Third, accompany my father for his monthly check-up to his doctor.

Fourth, I attended Bloggers Geek-Up, and it was really great.

Fifth, went to Manila for two days. The transactions were successful, and I have met Tina Corsame in person, the author of Corsame Lane.

Now, I am back here in Davao, and I promise to visit you back to those who left a comment here and to all my other blogs.