Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cameras and Printers For Business

I have a neighbor who is currently working as a teacher in a grade school. She’s at school for five days while her husband is managing their own photo and printing shop. She helps her husband managing the printing shop after her school hours and on weekends as well. Their company is a small printing establishment that concentrates on commercial printing, video coverage with photo printing and design services.

There are many photo and printing shops in the metropolis, but printing requirements just keep on going, and that means it is a good opportunity. They are also lucky because they have a nice location of their business. I have heard that they are planning to build another photo and printing shop somewhere at the downtown area, and they are also hiring a professional photographer. I wish I could apply, but I am not a professional photographer. I am only a blogger. However, there was a time that I wanted to become a professional photographer because I have a friend who worked in a magazine, and she was the official photographer on that magazine. She has the complete equipment for picture taking, including ID cameras and card printers, and it was all provided by the company. However, she also owned a personal camera for herself.

Honestly, I have planned to buy a new camera because right now, I am using a Canon digital camera for my blogging activity. I so envy with my friend who just bought her camera not long ago. I know I am not a professional photographer, and I am not familiar with high tech cameras, so why do I need a camera? I have been blogging for almost two years now, and owning a nice camera is a great advantage and very useful for a blogger like me. Just recently, I have been looking for cameras, but I still want the Canon brand cameras. Now, I am trying myself to save a little money every day, so I could buy my dream camera sooner or later.