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My Youngest Son

How was your weekend everyone? I hope it was great. Mine was just a busy one, but I was glad that I was able to finish all the important things here before I leave. I also had a great bonding with my kids. We ate out, shopped for their things, and we had a great day yesterday. Anyway, I will be leaving this afternoon going to Manila, and tomorrow early in the morning, around 6:00, I will be flying going to Sweden. I wish I will have a nice trip along the way. And for today's meme, here's my entry for today.

Janjan and I went to the seaside here in our place, but we brought a durian and ate it there. Since, the whole durian is heavy, I asked the seller to put it in a plastic bag or cellophane, so we could bring it inside.

This was taken when we were at the other park here in our place. This is far from the sea. Janjan loves this place at night because of the dancing fountains. We came late in the afternoon, and then we went home when the dancing fountain stopped.

Beauty Supply Outlet For Your Beauty Treatment

With the holidays just around the corner, party goers are being challenged to look for something they could be proud of herself. They would surely start to look for nice clothes, shoes, and purse. Probably, they have planned to change her hairstyle but don't like to cut her hair. Well, I would suggest looking for beauty supply outlet. In this way, you could easily find the solutions of your problem.

I actually found an online store that sells wigs for women. I know there are tons of gatherings with family and friends this coming holiday season. So, if you get tired or being lazy of fixing your hair or probably doesn't know what to do with your hair, a wig for women is the perfect solution. The Indian remy hair either straight or curly can be matched to any wardrobe and make-ups.

This above the breast hair length could be also perfect if you are wearing sexy dress or tops like tube top, backless or strapless style of dresses. Since I have straight long hair, I would definitely …

Pink Vehicle Carrying Bamboos

This pink jeep with loads of bamboos passed in front of my grandparent’s house. I hurriedly took a snap not because of the bamboo, but because of the “funny” color of the jeepney. I could tell that the owner of this jeepney is a woman and obviously, she loves pink color. I wonder if she has a car, and she also painted it with pink.

Friday Fill-Ins

Image we go!

1. Beware of going out in the middle of the night. Ghosts are everywhere!! Moohh!!

2. I am excited to take pictures of the snow.

3. And since we are in a tropical country, snow is definitely impossible.

4. I have seen on TV that many students in CDO possessed with bad spirits?

5. Where I might be going? Do you know?

6. Champorado is one of my favorite meals when it's cold out.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish packing my luggage, tomorrow my plans include updating all my blogs before I leave and Sunday, I want to spend the whole day with my family.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

I Finally Found Fashionable Cheap Eyeglasses.

I have been wearing my eyeglasses a couple of years ago. In the family, I was the one who wore eyeglasses too early for my age. I guess over exposure in front of the computer faded my vision. I had a bad experience when I first visited the optometrist. The line was unbearable, but that was the nearest optical in our place, so I had to wait for my turn and endured the waiting time. There was only one optometrist at that time, so that’s also the cause of waiting for almost an hour. I almost surrender at that time, but I had to wait for I can’t work on my computer anymore, and I always had headaches. Nevertheless, I had my first prescription glasses after a week.

These past few days, I have been planning to buy another pair of eyeglasses because I got annoyed with the weight of my eyeglasses. I probably got a wrong style of the frame. I couldn't wear it the whole day otherwise the upper line of my nose on both sides got a dark mark from the leg of the eyeglasses. So, I was plann…

Looking For A Good Condition Cheap Used Car.

Yes, we are looking for a cheap used car but still in good condition of course. I supposed to go to the used car shop, but I have no knowledge when it comes to the engine of the car. We asked my father to do this, but since he's old already, he got easily tired going to the car shop. So, what he did is to look for a car dealer or agent and bring that car in our house. And this white car, a Honda Sedan, was the first car which was brought by the agent. My mom, Jason and I liked this car, but not my father. He wanted something bigger like Hilander or Crosswind. Tsk! Tsk! He's so demanding, as if he has money to pay for it.

Oh! By the way, this car worth 220,000, but negotiable.

China Town in Davao

This is the entrance going to the place where most of the owners of the businesses are Chinese. So, they called it as China Town. These place sells products from China, Korea, Taiwan and some from Japan on a cheaper price compared to products that you could also find at the mall. They have fabrics, toys, clothes, home decor, household appliances, store appliance like for rice scale, and a lot more. This place is also known for cheapest auto/car parts and accessories, motorcycle parts and accessories and even, heavy equipment like for land mine equipment. When my brother had a land mine business, and we bought all the equipment on this place.

University of Immaculate Conception

These photos were taken after I and my ex-SILs had a meeting from the lawyer who handled our real estate case. The attorney’s office was just right across this pink building. Since I moved right here from Manila back late in 2005, I have heard that the name of this school has been changed. It was previously known as Immaculate Conception College, but now it has been changed to as University of Immaculate Conception. The main branch of this school was located where we had been living when we were still kids. I actually dream to enroll this school because of their pink school uniform, but this school is expensive because it is not a public school. So, that dream was buried mainly because we had no funds for this kind of school.

White Waling-waling

This is the waling-waling of my aunt in their house, lovely isn't it? They have plenty of flowers in their yard, but the most beautiful are the anthurium. I love flowers and if only I have green thumb, I would love to plant flowers in our yard.

TrackFone, an Affordable Cell Phone Service Provider

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having a cell phone is now part of our daily activities either by leisure or by necessity, especially if we have love ones from a distance. Fortunately, there are companies that could provide our needs when it comes to cell phone services, and TracFone offers very affordable monthly rates because they treasure their customers and giving a Senior Value would create a good relationship with their customers, and it would definitely a great help for the family. One thing is really good in this company is that, when you get their services, they give you branded name phones from leading manufacturers like Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Nokia and Samsung. Choose from simple "Candy Bar" phones, to Bluetooth®-enabled "Smart" phones. Aside from that, there are no contracts, no credit checks, no activation charges or cancellation fees when you subscribe. It means no hidden surpr…

My nephew and cousin

3rdy was really bored in the jeepney when we went to my grandparent's place. The jeepney won't run until it is not time for him to run. The jeepney terminal has their schedule to climb at the mountain, so we have to wait until it is time. But the three kids, including Janjan were bored, so we played inside the jeepney while we were trying to kill the time. We arrived at the terminal at 7:00 in the morning, but the next trip schedule was at 8:30 a.m., so we waited for an hour and a half.

So, here's the game. We will put coins to their forehead, and then they will be going to move it down to their chin without using their hands, but they need to be careful not to drop the coin. The first who could move the coin down to their cheek will get a candy. Unfortunately, 3rdy was the slowest. He can't move the coin, especially when it was stuck on his eye. Well, eventually, they got all the candies we bought when the jeepney runs.

This is my cousin. He just got home from the…

Daisies on the Road

This photo was taken when we climb at my grandparent's place. When the jeepney stopped, I had a chance to take a picture of these daisies on the side of the road. Nobody owns these daisies I guess because there were no houses nearby when we stopped but there was a small road going to the inner part of the wilderness.

Blue Skies

How was your weekend everyone, ours was just fine. I and my son went to the mall again, and it was dark already when we got home. Anyway, I am glad that when I woke up this morning, the weather is good. Now, while I was typing this, I could see the blue sky just like the blue sky on the photos below.

Weekend Retreat

At the end of the work week, there is an unspoken celebration. Everyone looks forward to the weekend, am I right? Saturdays and Sundays are days in a week when one can be recharged, refreshed and rejuvenated, and when Monday comes, the thought that the weekend is only five days away leaves room for anticipation. Some people like to stay at home on weekends, but some would want to escape for being cooped up in their home all week long. Honestly, I sometimes got bored staying at home all day and night. Even if the children are just around, and we also have entertainment appliances like tv, DVD, karaoke/videoke or magic sing, but time will come, boredom will strike and my mind is wondering where I could go so I could change the scenery. But the question is, do I have enough money for that? If money is not an issue, then I would like visiting Best Western inside Disney World.

I have already heard a couple of times that this place is perfect for family holiday. Two of my friends here in …

Cameras and Printers For Business

I have a neighbor who is currently working as a teacher in a grade school. She’s at school for five days while her husband is managing their own photo and printing shop. She helps her husband managing the printing shop after her school hours and on weekends as well. Their company is a small printing establishment that concentrates on commercial printing, video coverage with photo printing and design services.

There are many photo and printing shops in the metropolis, but printing requirements just keep on going, and that means it is a good opportunity. They are also lucky because they have a nice location of their business. I have heard that they are planning to build another photo and printing shop somewhere at the downtown area, and they are also hiring a professional photographer. I wish I could apply, but I am not a professional photographer. I am only a blogger. However, there was a time that I wanted to become a professional photographer because I have a friend who worked in …

The Cousins of my Children

These are the male cousins of my children. Actually, from their father's side, they have dozens of cousins, but to my side, there are few. They only have four male cousins and two girls.

Affordable Cell Phone Accessories

If you are looking for a mobile phone case, I have found a site that offers a very affordable price on all types of cell phone accessories for Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony to name a few. I navigated the whole page because I was interested with their products. Of course, as a new prospective customer, I have to check and read the Frequently Ask Questions or FQAs. I was glad that all my questions in my mind were answered. At, you could get big savings from your purchases for they offer the cheapest cool cell phone accessoriesand electronic accessories.

All products have passed the quality control to ensure that the consumers are satisfied with their purchases. The company prefers long-term business relationships with their customers rather than have a one-time deal with a high margin. Their vision is to provide quality and excellence in both products and services. The services include from the time you ordered the product until you receive your orders.


Wonderful World of Business

As I was about to write this note, I received an offline message from a friend on my Facebook account saying that she had ventured into a candle making last Christmas, and she wanted to do it again, but she wanted me to join her business. It was her co-employee who inspired her to go into business because it is so difficult to be an employee with a small salary. Since Christmas holiday is coming, I guess this is the right time for her to earn extra cash while keeping her full-time job. I understand that she is really interested to run a business, but she doesn’t like to leave her current job because she knows about people who run small business and make money with it without giving up the security of a full-time job.

Perhaps running a part-time venture will give you the time you need to learn the business and the confidence to take on bigger risks once you have proven to yourself that, yes, you can do it. There are several questions you should ask yourself like Will it work?, Do you…

Happy Birthday to My Brother Dong

No boxes full of chocolate candy because you are not a kid anymore; instead, your friends prepare a drum full of beer for tonight’s party. No fancy games anymore but we prepare the videoke for you and for your friends as well. Just enjoy your day and night. Cheers!! My wish? I wish you could find the right woman for you.

Happy Birthday My Brother Dong!

To Swipe or Not To Swipe

Badly, a credit card is not your fairy godmother. It is not going to give you everything that you want. So before you start acting like it will, remember that shopping with a credit card is not always a fairy tale. There are evil stepsisters in the form of interest rates and monthly bills. And much like Cinderella’s everyday chores, owning a credit card is a great responsibility. But fear not: Managing your credit card is possible. You can certainly avoid the nightmare despite your monthly bill by keeping these in mind.

Know the bank rules. Aside from the credit limit that comes with every card, there are interest rates, finance charges, and late payment fees. Be aware of these details to avoid bad credit score or bad credit loans. Write down important dates, like the statement date and payment due dates. Always remember that when you delay your payment later than the due date, you automatically pay more.

Know your financial status. Credit cards equal responsibility. Refrain from…

Happy Birthday Chelsea

Today is my godchild's birthday. She's now five-year-old and still cutypie honey bunch. Unfortunately, I couldn't find her pictures from my files. I guess, I saved it from somewhere. So, Chelsea, happy, happy birthday to you. I know your mama will read this for you. Just enjoy your day, and have fun with your cousin and friends.

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

What's the Latest Updates?

I am glad that today is Friday for I could stay up late tonight. I have been away from Facebook for a couple of nights, and I miss all my friends there. I also missed visiting my friend’s blogs. I know there are couples of articles that I have missed from them like the articles from rumstreet. Well, tonight, after dinner, I will start visiting my friend’s blogs, so I would know what the latest update in their blog is. But I would surely visit my Facebook friends as well. I know I am behind now with the latest news up there, and probably there are giveaways and contest that I also missed.

Anyway, I have lots of time tonight, so I have a chance to visit them, if not all, but at least, most of them. I just have to pray that the internet connection is good and not crawling like crazy. I really got annoyed when the connection is really slow because it cannot upload the whole page of the blogs that I have visited, especially if the site has lots of photos. My computer got stuck and hung…

The Durian Farm

These were taken at my grandparents place. We climbed the mountain last Sunday, and it was really great to be back there again after a couple of decades. The last time I was there, the place was not really a forest. It was clear and had only weeds on the grounds. However, time has been changed. My uncles plant durian trees, bananas, cacao and all other fruit-bearing trees. The road before was rough and rocky, as in, there were big rocks on the side of the road and muddy if it is rainy. Fortunately, when we climbed last Sunday, some parts of the roads are cemented.

Bid and Win.

When I opened my email this morning, I had mails from the sites that I have signed up like the very well-known eBay. They have new stuffs to bid, and the stuffs are perfect for the coming holiday. I checked all the items listed, and I found a lot of new items from women’s and children’s categories. I wanted to bid some kid’s toys but I haven’t check yet my PayPal account. They also have iPhone, laptops, watches, jewelries, men’s apparel and a lot more. I have tried to bid one time, and I won, but it was just a glow in the dark pajamas for my son.

I wonder if you could ask a complaint if ever there is damage on the item you have won. Just like at complaints, the customer service on this site is reachable. You don’t have to be worried in case have a complaint. Well, I have a friend who is addicted to it. She likes bidding and she sometimes won but so far, I never heard from her that she was disappointed with the products she has got. Anyway, if you have not tried to join …

I am Back

I was so busy for the past few days.

First, I had to help my ex-family with their problems at court. We worked this for a week. Well, the case was not yet finished, and we hope that we will win the case.

Second, I was busy preparing and gathering all the papers that I need for my aunt's claims for their insurance that has been matured for over two years now, but didn't receive any claims.

Third, accompany my father for his monthly check-up to his doctor.

Fourth, I attended Bloggers Geek-Up, and it was really great.

Fifth, went to Manila for two days. The transactions were successful, and I have met Tina Corsame in person, the author of Corsame Lane.

Now, I am back here in Davao, and I promise to visit you back to those who left a comment here and to all my other blogs.