My Brown Tops for Thursday Brownies

Here's another photo at People's Park, Davao. Actually, there was a man-made waterfall at my back, but since it was dark already and there were no lights at the waterfalls, so it's hard to spot the waterfalls on the picture. I want to go back there in a daytime, so I can take some snaps on the rocky waterfalls.

This photo was taken when there was a "The Bloggers Geek-up". They called this place as Yellow Haus. It was Vernz who took this picture of me. I have met the Davao Bloggers Group, and from the Bisdak Group, I've met Crislyn and her husband, and then Rovie. I've met Vernz a few months back. These ladies are awesome. I am glad that I have met bloggers in person here in Davao. So, I can tell now that we are friends' online and offline.

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