Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teaching Kids about Respect and Good Manners

This is a Guest Post.

Children are always adored because of the innocent look on their faces but some are often frowned upon especially when they show disrespect and poor behavior manners. As parents, it is your primary responsibility to teach your kids on how to be respectful towards others and how to act properly in front of other people. Introducing the concept of politeness and teaching kind words such as Thank You and Please are the basic steps that parents can take in their effort to introduce the concept of respect to young children.

Keep in mind that the approach will be different depending on your child’s age. Good manners do not have to be as complicated as knowing formal etiquettes but your child should at least know how to act properly on an occasion. As simple as proper behavior on a dinner table is a way to teach kids about good manners. Set house rules at home especially when it comes to doing chores, eating and family activities in order to encourage cooperation and respect towards one another.

Of course do not forget to practice what you preach. If you want your kids to be polite and respectful towards other people, they should see these traits on you as well. Parents are not only their first teachers but their role models as well. Respect is something that you earn so set a good example to your kids, show them how to earn the respect of others and teach the ways of life.

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