Thursday, August 25, 2011

Real Estate Lessons Learned when Selling a Home

When you talk about selling a home, people always think you’re going to explain every detail of the home, and you might want to get a positive result with less work. But that’s not what selling smarter means. It means getting from the point A to point B without wasting your time, or your buyers’ time. There are many ways how to become a smart home seller. All too often, we try making our pitch to anybody who’ll listen without finding out if we’re speaking to the right person. Don’t be afraid to call to the highest levels even if that means the president of a company. He or she may not get involved directly, but will refer you to the appropriate contact. Then, you’ve opened the door to building a relationship at the highest level. Believe me or not, I was able to sell a condo unit by just talking to the secretary of the company.

If I could remember it correctly, I’ve talked with the boss trice, and rest was just the secretary. My co-broker congratulated me when I closed the deal in just a short period of time. How did I do that? Well, before you leave from your office, be sure that you are fully packed with the product you are selling. Be sure that you can answer all the possible questions of the prospective buyers, and as much s possible, refrain from answering like “I’ll ask my boss about your question sir/ma’am” because you are just wasting your time, and you are losing the buyer’s interests.

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