Monday, August 8, 2011

Mini Scooter

This is one of Janjan's favorite toy, but one day, he forgot to keep it after playing. He just put it outside the door. Unfortunately, 3rdy, his little cousin came over and saw this scooter. The little boy asked his mom if he could play the scooter. The mother had told him to ask permission from his kuya Janjan. Well, Janjan allowed him to play, but since the little boy doesn't know how to balance his body, Janjan taught him how to do it. The little boy practiced his balancing for a couple of hours, but when the mother told him to stop, and they need to go home. The boy doesn't like to go home because he enjoyed riding the scooter. Even so, the mother explained that they need to go home. The little boy cried, and he wanted to take the scooter. Janjan felt so bad that his little cousin cried because of the scooter, he then told 3rdy to stop crying because he will give that scooter to him. 3rdy was so happy when he heard this from his kuya Janjan. Now 3rdy is enjoying the scooter of Janjan.


Smiling Sally