Kadayawan Festival 2011 - The Parade

For two consecutive days, I was on the street trying to capture every participant of the Indak-Indak Kadayawan Festival and the floral parade. On the first day, I was glad that the sun wasn't too hot, but I still wore the hat and sunglasses. My son was with me on the first day because he wanted to see his friends who joined the parade. On the second day, I went out alone, and the sun was killing me. It was scorching hot, but I had to expose myself to the sun otherwise, I couldn't get closer photos of the parade. It was fun indeed, but when I got home, my sons told me that I was like a pig roasted on a fire while my neighbor said, he taught that I was drunk. Yeah, that's right. I got sun burned a little to my shoulders and face. I put sun block lotion before I leave, but because I was exposed to the sun couple of hours, the lotion might not enough to block the rays of the sun. Anyway, these are Janjan's friends.

Smiling Sally

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