Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ideas for How to Decorate a Porch and Entryway

Guest Post

Your front porch and the entryway into your home is the first impression guests receive of you and your home when they come to visit. It should be clean and as welcoming as possible. You need a look that instantly makes your guest feel at home and want to stay and visit. The type of decorating you do will depend on the style of home and porch you have. Read on to find out some great tips for how to decorate your porch and entryway to make visitors feel right at home.

Before guests get to your front porch though the yard needs to make a good impression. A path of flowers with an outdoor garden bench is welcoming and cozy at the same time.

It your home is more of the classic type with the big wrap around porch you will want to go with a couple of rocking chairs on the porch that just invite guests to sit down and put up their feet. Put a nice end table between the rocking chairs with a sunny plant in the middle of it. An indoor bench works well on a country porch as the porch is wide enough to accommodate it. Country porches are usually painted white. They are wide open and inviting. This is the effect you wanted to achieve to start with.

Some houses are not big enough for a porch but you still want that welcome even in your entryway. Building a portico can not only shelter your guest from the rain but also the columns can give your house an old fashioned look.

If your home is more modern then a contemporary porch instead of a country porch is the best style for you. Having the garden path with the outdoor garden bench is still possible but instead of the porch being white paint it in a neutral tone. While this porch is smaller when paired with a set of large windows it is spacious still. You can still put a porch swing and a couple of chairs on the porch. An indoor bench once again is perfect for this setting. Combine all of it with a welcome mat at the door and you have a very friendly welcome indeed.

For those with no porch and a very small entryway a gable overhang is an option. Once again it protects guests from the weather and when paired with a stone or brick landing can really complement your fine home.