Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Early Transactions

I was at the downtown this morning just to fix some important things. I was glad that the person that I wanted to see was present at the office. I went to their office couple of times, but she is always out of the office or out of town. And this morning, I was glad that she was there, and then we talked about the transaction that we had before. Well, the meeting was just fine. We fixed it without having any problem because she all had the papers in her drawer.

I went home right after our meeting. While waiting for a ride, I saw young men and a few women patiently waiting for an office to be opened. When I read the signage, the office is hiring an agent for daily car insurance, motorcycle insurance, truck insurance and more. Now I have learned that those people waiting outside were applicants. I feel so bad with them because they were standing outside the office and there was no roof to cover them from the heat of the sun. When you see these people, you could tell how hard to look for a job.