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Gumamela Flowers

This is Gumamela flower here in the Philippines. Gumamela's scientific name is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, but some local called it rosemallow. It has actually a variety of colors like red, red orange, yellow, dark and light pink, and white. The gumamela is used by children as part of a bubble-making pastime. The flowers and leaves are crushed until the sticky juices come out. They used the straws to dip in the sticky juice and blow.

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The Majorette on Kadayawan Festival

I am not yet finished posting the photos from the Kadayawan Festival, and today's meme is all about pink color. So here are the young girls wearing their majorette costume and while walking, they were playing or twirling their batons. When I was in high school, I wanted to become one of the majorettes in our school, but unfortunately, I couldn't join because of financial problems. The costumes were not provided from the school. It was the expense of the student who joined the group.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Real Estate Lessons Learned when Selling a Home

When you talk about selling a home, people always think you’re going to explain every detail of the home, and you might want to get a positive result with less work. But that’s not what selling smarter means. It means getting from the point A to point B without wasting your time, or your buyers’ time. There are many ways how to become a smart home seller. All too often, we try making our pitch to anybody who’ll listen without finding out if we’re speaking to the right person. Don’t be afraid to call to the highest levels even if that means the president of a company. He or she may not get involved directly, but will refer you to the appropriate contact. Then, you’ve opened the door to building a relationship at the highest level. Believe me or not, I was able to sell a condo unit by just talking to the secretary of the company.

If I could remember it correctly, I’ve talked with the boss trice, and rest was just the secretary. My co-broker congratulated me when I closed the deal in j…

Festival in Davao 2011

Image for Festival

Here are some of the photos that I took when we celebrated the Kadayawan Festival only last week. It was a tiring day, but we had lots of fun.

Home for Rent in Calgary, Alberta.

“Think I’ll go out to Alberta, weather’s good there in the fall. Got some friends that I can go to working for….” Yeah, right, I was singing Four Strong Winds by Neil Young because I am looking for Calgary Rentals for my aunt who wants to move in Alberta. She and her husband are both busy at work, and they haven't had time to sit in front of the computer since last month because of other things that need to be done. It was actually my aunt husband’s idea to move in Alberta because his siblings are living on that place. He might want to get closer from his family and friends.

It has been a week now since they asked me to look for it. Fortunately, I have found a site awhile ago, and I am glad that the site is easy to navigate. They offer apartments for rent, houses for rent and condos. In addition, if the budget is limited, you can search by price and then check the number of bedrooms, and bathrooms available on that amount. My aunt has three kids but the two are already married,…

Kadayawan Festival 2011 - The Parade

For two consecutive days, I was on the street trying to capture every participant of the Indak-Indak Kadayawan Festival and the floral parade. On the first day, I was glad that the sun wasn't too hot, but I still wore the hat and sunglasses. My son was with me on the first day because he wanted to see his friends who joined the parade. On the second day, I went out alone, and the sun was killing me. It was scorching hot, but I had to expose myself to the sun otherwise, I couldn't get closer photos of the parade. It was fun indeed, but when I got home, my sons told me that I was like a pig roasted on a fire while my neighbor said, he taught that I was drunk. Yeah, that's right. I got sun burned a little to my shoulders and face. I put sun block lotion before I leave, but because I was exposed to the sun couple of hours, the lotion might not enough to block the rays of the sun. Anyway, these are Janjan's friends.

Happy Birthday Dhemz

Janjan said, better late than super late, ouch! better late than never, they say. Anyway, I would like to greet my ever dearest friend from San Antonio, Texas a happy, happy birthday. I am just so lucky that I am one of her friends here in the blogosphere. So, Dhemz, late na ni pero Happy Birthday and may all your dreams will come true.

Ideas for How to Decorate a Porch and Entryway

Guest Post

Your front porch and the entryway into your home is the first impression guests receive of you and your home when they come to visit. It should be clean and as welcoming as possible. You need a look that instantly makes your guest feel at home and want to stay and visit. The type of decorating you do will depend on the style of home and porch you have. Read on to find out some great tips for how to decorate your porch and entryway to make visitors feel right at home.

Before guests get to your front porch though the yard needs to make a good impression. A path of flowers with an outdoor garden bench is welcoming and cozy at the same time.

It your home is more of the classic type with the big wrap around porch you will want to go with a couple of rocking chairs on the porch that just invite guests to sit down and put up their feet. Put a nice end table between the rocking chairs with a sunny plant in the middle of it. An indoor bench works well on a country porch as the porch…

Friday Fill-Ins

Image we go!

1. It's fun to join a contest and you won.

2. Playing with my son is easy to make.

3. I like to be at the beach right now.

4. Expecting a good future, which I will never know!

5. Something I'm very much excited about is the foot ball game of my son.

6. Spending money for my son’s school activity a week ago was well worth it.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include as usual laundry and Sunday, I want to take pictures of the Kadayawan Floral Parade in the morning.

I Won Again!

Yes! I won $20 via Paypal + Domain with Web hosting FREE for one year. Yahoo! I joined Momi Jes birthday giveaway contest last month, and I am the lucky winner of her contest. I was surprised this morning when she sent a message and congratulated me for winning her birthday giveaway contest. I couldn't believe that my simple story of my birthday would bring me luck. Anyway, thanks again Momi Jes for choosing my story as the grand prize winner of your contest.

Teaching Kids about Respect and Good Manners

This is a Guest Post.

Children are always adored because of the innocent look on their faces but some are often frowned upon especially when they show disrespect and poor behavior manners. As parents, it is your primary responsibility to teach your kids on how to be respectful towards others and how to act properly in front of other people. Introducing the concept of politeness and teaching kind words such as Thank You and Please are the basic steps that parents can take in their effort to introduce the concept of respect to young children.

Keep in mind that the approach will be different depending on your child’s age. Good manners do not have to be as complicated as knowing formal etiquettes but your child should at least know how to act properly on an occasion. As simple as proper behavior on a dinner table is a way to teach kids about good manners. Set house rules at home especially when it comes to doing chores, eating and family activities in order to encourage cooperation and r…

ABC Wednesday : Environment

E... is for Environment

Life is so beautiful if your environment is as peaceful like on the photos below. The sea breeze that touches on your face in the morning, and the beautiful sunset in the afternoon would make you feel that life is wonderful.

Early Transactions

I was at the downtown this morning just to fix some important things. I was glad that the person that I wanted to see was present at the office. I went to their office couple of times, but she is always out of the office or out of town. And this morning, I was glad that she was there, and then we talked about the transaction that we had before. Well, the meeting was just fine. We fixed it without having any problem because she all had the papers in her drawer.

I went home right after our meeting. While waiting for a ride, I saw young men and a few women patiently waiting for an office to be opened. When I read the signage, the office is hiring an agent for daily car insurance, motorcycle insurance, truck insurance and more. Now I have learned that those people waiting outside were applicants. I feel so bad with them because they were standing outside the office and there was no roof to cover them from the heat of the sun. When you see these people, you could tell how hard to look f…

Postcard from Orlando, Florida

Last month, Dhemz of World Exploration, sent a beautiful postcard to me from San Antonio, Texas. This time, she sent another postcard from Orlando, Florida. Her family and the Cottrill's family went to The Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida and stayed there for a week, that is why she got a chance to buy postcards on that place. I am just so lucky that Dhemz always includes me on her lists. Even if we didn't meet yet in person, she is truly a dear friend of mine. Thank you so much again Dhemz. Muah! I am so happy that I have collections of postcards now.

SOOC #1 Lion's Head

This is my first time to join this meme. I actually found this meme at my friend's blog. I just wish I could join this meme every Sunday. Anyway, here's the photo which I took a little over a month I guess. It was just part of the art on the fountain. I took this on daytime, that's why it wasn't attractive but if the fountain in on, this lion head is beautiful.

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Accounting Books and Materials

I had an unexpected visitor this afternoon. She was our neighbor actually, but her family moved last year to her grandparent’s house, which is far from our place. She came over just to ask if I still have the CPA Review Materials for she wants to borrow this, and she promised me to return it, as soon as she buys these materials. Unfortunately, I already gave all my accounting books and materials, including the review materials to my cousin who is taking Accountancy at the University here in our place. If I didn’t give it to my cousin, I would definitely lend her my accounting books and materials. The review materials for CPAs are expensive that is why she just wants to borrow it, so she could save her money and spend it for other school things.

I Hate Frogs

Yesterday, after my youngest son had gone to school, I started cleaning the kitchen, including the small dirty kitchen. While I was cleaning the floor mop at the dirty kitchen, I was horrified when I saw this small white frog sticking to the back door. I yelled so loud, and everybody in the house ran to the kitchen. My brother got mad when he saw that it was only a small frog.

Honestly, I hate frogs, lizards, and all crawling animals. My skin hair would stand, and skin pores will be opened if these animals are in front of me. I would never dare to get closer to them. That’s why yesterday, I supposed to finish the cleaning, but I was bothered that frog, so I asked Jason to continue mopping the floor.

My brother had told me that the frog has been gone, but I still don’t want to go to the back door or dirty kitchen. Since I lost my mood on cleaning the kitchen, I opened the computer, and I started blogging and reading some comments from my blogs. And while I was sitting in front of the …

Pain Reliever

Have you heard that Tylenol has been linked to a liver failure? Just recently, I have read that this Tylenol, which is a product of Johnson and Johnson, might bring you illness like liver failure. We know that Tylenol is the most popular pain reliever, and it really helps on reducing high fever. I’ve tried this Tylenol so many times, and it is really effective for me, but this news made me scared. I was glad that I have read this tylenol and liver failure news otherwise; I won’t stop taking these pills. Anyway, I am sure there are other products for pain reliever that I could buy over the counter and doesn't need any doctor’s prescription, so, goodbye Tylenol.

Friday Fill-Ins

Image we go!

1. The only question is if he could visit me the end of this month.

2 I’ve been in Marinduque Island, and you could roam the place in one day.

3. Three things on my desk: a cell phone, pad and pen.

4. Blogging is the one thing I HAVE to do today!

5. I love playing with my children, nieces and nephews.

6. A loud sound overwhelms the senses.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include window shopping or go to my favorite salon and Sunday, I want to go on swimming at the beach!


Bedroom Decorating Ideas

I have been dreaming to have a nice and spacious bedroom for myself. The bedroom that I am using right now is not big but not too small. I really want a change, a room renovation but my wallet is not yet ready for that. Besides I have no idea the possible cost if I will hire an interior designer for bedrooms. Honestly, when I am at the mall, one of the best places that I wanted to visit is the furniture department for I can get a bedroom decorating ideas. You could get an idea on what furniture that fits to your bedroom. Sometimes, I go online just to look for furniture.

Just recently, while I was surfing on the net, I found a site that sells beautiful and attractive furniture for your home, particularly bedrooms. I was eyeing on the standing style bedroom mirror with a little drawer at the bottom. It would be perfect if I have that furniture in my bedroom. The design is simple but elegant and could match with any paint in your room. I have checked the mode of payment, and I was g…

Mini Scooter

This is one of Janjan's favorite toy, but one day, he forgot to keep it after playing. He just put it outside the door. Unfortunately, 3rdy, his little cousin came over and saw this scooter. The little boy asked his mom if he could play the scooter. The mother had told him to ask permission from his kuya Janjan. Well, Janjan allowed him to play, but since the little boy doesn't know how to balance his body, Janjan taught him how to do it. The little boy practiced his balancing for a couple of hours, but when the mother told him to stop, and they need to go home. The boy doesn't like to go home because he enjoyed riding the scooter. Even so, the mother explained that they need to go home. The little boy cried, and he wanted to take the scooter. Janjan felt so bad that his little cousin cried because of the scooter, he then told 3rdy to stop crying because he will give that scooter to him. 3rdy was so happy when he heard this from his kuya Janjan. Now 3rdy is enjoying the …

Is it Peacock?

It was my son who took this photo when we were at the park. I thought I deleted it already, but when I checked the camera today, I saw these big birds. I guess it's a peacock.

Anyway, we have planned to go to the sea later of the day. My son can't wait to go to the sea right now, but the sun is scorching hot, so I told him that we will go when the sun is about to set. lol

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Average Salary: Bachelor's Degree vs. Masters in Teaching

If you work as a teacher then you know firsthand that there are certain things that really pay off. The more experience you have in the classroom the better adept you are at handling certain situations. You want to be the best that you can be at your career and you want to be able to offer a great deal to your students and the parents alike. This takes time, education, and experience and eventually it all flows together. No matter what you do to further your experience, there will come a time when you will be asked or consider furthering your education. Yes you can teach without a Masters degree but in this day and age it means you are not as competitive. Though it really varies quite significantly, there are certain things to consider as to if you want to pursue your Masters degree or not.

It Depends On Where You Teach

The single largest factor in determining how much more a teacher was paid if they pursued higher education was geographical area. In some states such as Hawaii, having…

Friday Fill-Ins

Image we go!

1. How can I get back my Twitter account? It was said that my account was suspended but there was no explanation why they suspend my account.

2. Mother removed the weed in the backyard yesterday.

3. My hair is until on my waist line now.

4. In December 2010, we had a family reunion which was held at the resort here in our place.

5. My favorite summer fruits are watermelon and mango.

6. I have heard a noise outside...what was that?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish the G +1 blog hopping, tomorrow my plans include my “me” time and Sunday, I want to visit my little nephew in their home because he was bitten by a dog a few days ago.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Football Game

My son got home very late today. He’s supposed to come home at 2:30 in the afternoon from school, but today he got home around 5:00 in the afternoon. I asked him why he came home very late. He replied on a happy mode and had told me that they watched the football game in the school. I wondered why he was smiling, but I just hide it, and I told him that the next time he would want to watch any games at school, he must tell us first, so we wouldn't be worried. He said OK, and then after changing his clothes, he told us that there was a player whom the pant was pulled by the other player accidentally. He said, they were laughing so hard when they saw the butt of the player. I asked him if the player got mad when the crowds were laughing, he said no, in fact, it was the player who first laughs when his pants pulled down. Well, they were all kids, so they were just enjoying their day after their classes.

Web Designing Course

I had a conversation with my cousin over the phone this morning. He was telling me that the OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) opens a new program for the Overseas Contract Workers. The government agency is helping the OCW’s to send their dependents not more than 21 years old to take two-year courses in College for free. The courses are Hotel and Restaurant Management, Caregivers, Medical Transcriptionist, Web Designing, and more. I guess those courses are in demand nowadays, specially the web designing. You could earn handsome income if you are like the web designer at web design ipswich. I have learned that this company has tons of great designs for your online business. So, if you would like to be part of this company, or similar to this company, Web Designing would be a great course to take. for Chicken

Oh I am back on this Meme. It has been awhile since I posted my last entry on this Meme. I couldn't remember what was the last letter I joined. I was running out of photo that is why I had to stop for awhile. So, here's my comeback entry.

C.... is for Chicken

These are the chicken of my uncle. It was late in the afternoon when I saw him feeding these chicken in their yard. My son enjoyed throwing the seeds to the ground. Wherever he threw the seeds, chicken will follow.

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Top Commentators in July.

It's August now, and on the first day of next month, we will definitely hear a Christmas Carol on the radio, am I right Filipinos? Yeah, Philippines is the only country I guess that celebrates Christmas too long. They will hang their Christmas decoration and Christmas lights as early as November. Anyway, before anything else, I would like to acknowledge my top commentators for July. Thank you so many guys for leaving your wonderful comments. You made me smile every time I read your messages here. Hope to see you again this month.

And here they are:

1. Dhemz 2. Vernz 3. Mona 4. Anne 5. Vhen 6. Chubskulit 7. Gagay 8. Mommy Chay 9. Rovie 10. Shengkay
Haha! I noticed, only Gagay is not a mom here.

Cheap Printing Shop

When I was on Facebook, a friend of mine was asking to all her FB friends, where to buy affordable custom stickers here in our place. Honestly, there are lots of printing shops here, but I have no idea with regards to the prices of the printing. She is working at one of the malls here as a manager, and she works from Monday to Saturday. So, Sunday is her free time at work but not at home. That is why she was asking for help. If somebody could tell her the cheapest price, she could go directly to the shop. Well, I have told her that I could ask the printing shop nearby if I will go out later of the day.

Red Flower

It's hot. The weather is hot, and the meme for today is also hot. Yeah, it's time for our Hot Monday meme today, and here is my entry.

A red hot flower from the garden which I didn't own. lol. I like this flower but honestly, I forgot the name of it. Do you know? Can you name it for me, pls?