Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Postcards From USA

Last month, I received two beautiful postcards from my dearest friends here in the blogland. I am meaning to post it, but I always forgot it. I guess the sender of these beautiful postcards were thinking if the cards arrive or not. lol. Sorry ladies for my forgetful mind.

Anyway, this card was sent to me by Sheila Worthington of PA. She's a mother of two, and a wife to Joe. She is not a blog addict, but she owns multiple blogs. lol (peace be with you Tsang). And this is the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, USA.

This one was sent to me by Dhemz Dias, a mother of a lovely daughter and a wife to Greg. She's also a full-time mom just like Sheila, but she managed to have multiple blogs as well. (kinda addict too?). And this is the city where she is living right now, the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas USA.

Thank you so much Dhemz and Tsang Shy for sending these beautiful cards to me. Muahh! Hugs from the Philippines.