Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - Picking Up The Prize

One particular morning, I woke up with a great feeling for I had a good night sleep the previous night. I headed to the kitchen preparing my son’s breakfast and his food for lunch at school. When he was gone for school, I started doing house chores. It was almost lunch when I finished everything. I went to shower first before I sit in front of the computer. I had plenty of time because I was alone. I was singing while bathing, scrubbing here and there. I went out from the shower with only a towel wrapped to my body and head.

I switched on the computer, and while I was waiting for the computer on open, I fixed myself for I need to go out on that day to pick-up the money that I have won from a contest here in the blogosphere. (Thanks Nelson) When I’m done, I sat in front of the computer and visited the blogs who left a comment, and later, I went out to pick-up the money at the LBC office. When I got there, the nice lady told me that they were offline for a couple of hours already, and she suggested me to go to the other branch. SM Mall is the nearest, so I decided to go to the mall. There were few clients at the office so it didn't wait for me too long to get my money. Since it was a mall, I did a little window shopping, headed to the grocery store and then bought a donut for my son.

I noticed some people were looking at me, but I didn't bother them. When I was tired looking around, I took a jeepney ride and went home. Janjan was happy when he saw his donut. We sat on the couch, ate the donut I bought while watching TV. After eating, I went to my room just to change my clothes. Oh! No! No way, highway in Norway! I’ve been to the mall earlier and did some window shopping, etc etc. Some people were looking at me because…….my top blouse was INSIDE OUT! Tsk! Tsk!