Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Blog's Template myspace graphic comments

What can you say about my new look? Am I pretty and sexy? Lol. This blog new look is courtesy of the greatest mom and a friend to everybody. Honestly, I owe her a lot now. She made my old blog’s template (Oh! I miss my old template), my badges, and this time, she designed another template for me. Actually, she made 3 designs, and she wanted me to choose which one I like most. I let my kids to decide because all the designs were nice. I got confused. If only I could use it all and change my template everyday or every week, I would definitely do it. Ha ha. Anyway, here are the blogs of the one who made me sexy and pretty. Thanks a lot Dhemz. Muahh!

Dias Family Spot
Life’s Perception & Inspiration
Great Finds & Stuff
Savour D’ Flavour
Me & My Passion
Shopping List & Product Reviews
Fashion Trends Online
Spend Less, Save BIG!
World Exploration
Savvy Mama's Corner
Kiddy Corner