Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mail from Slovenija

The mailman delivered a letter for me today. I was surprised that I have a mail from Slovenija (Slovenia). Do I have an admirer in this place? Honestly, it was my first time to hear this place. So, I was hurriedly open what’s inside the mail. Is it a love letter? I wish lol. Anyway, when I opened it and read it, WOW! I was so happy when I read it. Finally, the PIN from Microworkers that I have been waiting for a couple of months now has been arrived this afternoon.

Actually, the first time I asked for my PIN was in January, and then it said that I will receive the PIN within 21 days after my request. Unfortunately, it didn’t come, so I requested again to send me a PIN for I didn’t receive any PIN from them. But to my surprised, the company said, I can’t ask for a second PIN for I don’t have funds for they charge $2.00 for requesting another PIN.

I have pending funds but I can’t use it for it is ready for deposit to my Paypal Account. So, what I did is to grab again an opps so I could have money to pay my request. That was last month when I requested the second PIN and I was expecting this PIN end of this month, and it did arrive today. Yahoo!! I can now withdraw my earnings and send it to my Paypal Account. Thanks Microworkers.