I am so Lucky!

If you could remember I joined Digital Catharsis Birthday Giveawaycontest hosted by Nelson, a registered nurse by profession, and 4-year domain and hosting Giveaway , hosted by Gagay, a medical student from Davao also. I won the consolation prizes on both contests. Yahoo! These two guys are so generous because it was not on the rules to have the runner-ups, but these guys have a big heart, and they both decided to give a consolation prize.

Here are the prizes that I have won from the two contests that I joined.

Digital Catharsis – 1,000 pesos (cash)
I am..but Gagay - 1 Domain name

I am so happy, even if it wasn't the grand prize. Anyway, I would like to congratulate all the winners and congratulations to me as well. Lol.Thank you so much Nelson and Gagay!

Domain and Hosting Giveaway

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