Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flash Flood in Davao

The latest news last night regarding the flash floods here in Davao, there were 29 people have been confirmed killed in the flood, and two others remain missing. There was a father survived, but his wife and three children were found dead. There are hundreds of families are now homeless, businesses were closed, the car leasing and used car shop was also hit by the flash flood.

Cars were overturned, and houses were totally destroyed. My son’s school was also affected, and the Department of Higher Education announced the suspension of classes to all schools that were affected with the flash floods. I couldn't believe it; Davao City is almost never hit by storms and typhoons. However, on Tuesday night, around 10 P.M.. there was a heavy rain, and in less than an hour, the flash flood hit Barangay Matina. In just 15 minutes, the raging water had risen to more than 10 meters.