Friday, July 1, 2011

Blogger was down again today.

When I open my blog from Blogger this morning, I was surprised when I couldn't login. I have tried several times, but I always got a 404 error. I tried to open my Wordpress blog, and it was finely working. I had a doubt that Blogger is down again, so I texted (SMS message) Vernz just to ask if Blogger or Blogspot is down, and she had told me that it started in the morning. I was not happy when I received her reply because I had an opps to post. So, I was just hoping that it won’t take so long, and tonight, (well, almost midnight now), Blogger is up again.

Anyway, my son has still no school tomorrow because his school was also hit by the flash floods the other night. The Department of Education announced the suspension of classes for those who were affected with the flash floods. Actually, I was not happy when I heard this because when they come back to school, there will be a make class which will be held on Saturday. I am sure Janjan won’t like to go to school on Saturdays.