Thursday, June 23, 2011

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Hi everyone. I am not yet well, but definitely not too bad anymore. I don’t have a fever for a couple of days, and I am happy for it, but I still have a cough. The only thing that I need now is to rest because my body is still weak, probably due to my cough that disturbs me most of the time when I am in bed. I also got a headache if I will stay longer here in the computer. I wish in a few days, I will be completely okay. I am tired of lying on the bed most of the time. I am tired of doing nothing. Yesterday, when I opened my mail, I had an opps to write, and it was the last day of the opps. So, even if my mind cannot think of anything to write, I tried my best to finish it on that day. Anyway, I will visit you guys, when I am ready to blog and thank you for all the sweet messages that I have received from my blogs.